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Words for the Skeptic

Kinesthetic experiences can be challenging to put into words; even when they are deeply impactful. Our corporate team-building programs utilize drumming as a tool for unification and collaboration and as the medium for moving a company’s culture from concept to comprehension to practice and performance. We understand why such a powerful statement such as this can be met with skepticism. For those organizational decision makers willing to step to the edge of the cliff and trust an instinct that perhaps makes no logical sense, but instinctively taps into a primordial knowing that has the capacity to transform their organization – the payoff is HUGE.Corporate drumming program

We recently had the opportunity and privilege to present our program for an event with Kaiser Permanente. Our client was one such courageous forward thinker who took that leap and landed in the land of ‘WOW’. We get to experience this time and time again, but to see it put into words helps bring the big picture into clearer view. Here’s one of the comments received from the incredible team at Kaiser:

“First, and without reservation or exaggeration, you exceeded our expectations dramatically. The Drum Cafe experience was a dramatic high point of our two-day conference. It was gratifying to see the skeptical and resistant body language transformed into enthusiastic participation as the experience unfolded. The response from our participants has been universally enthusiastic – even from self-described skeptics. In particular, Natalie’s portrayal of our regions, departments and roles – along with our values and vocabulary was pitch-perfect. So much so that our senior executives were audibly amazed and joked it’s like she’s one of our execs! While her delivery was exceptional, the time she required from us to get that prepared was surprisingly modest. Her ability to connect business needs and organizational culture into a novel experience of being an individual within constellation of teams is unique gift. The Drum Cafe experience is an amazingly effective way to energize an event, reinforce organizational vision and galvanize a sense of team spirit. I cannot recommend it highly enough!” 

~D. Wade Shows, Director, Consultant Strategy & Programs, Kaiser Permanente, National Accounts.

Thank you Wade! You have such a way with words. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

In Joy and Rhythm,
Natalie Spiro

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