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What Really Generates Inspiration?

Which do you think comes first— inspiration or action? If your first thought is inspiration, you might end up waiting a long time. People often think that inspiration is what propels action; not the other way around. But perhaps the secret to true and lasting inspiration is sparked by a bit of movement.Natalie Spiro is inspired!

I once heard a personal trainer say “you will never regret exercising; you will only regret not exercising.” Not only do I find that statement to be quite true, I also can see how it could be applied to many other facets of life and business. The aspect of regret only occurs in the absence of action. It is the memory of that amazing feeling that overcomes the body and mind after a good work out that inspires one to get up off their butt and go get some exercise. It is not the feeling itself that gets you going, because you certainly don’t have it to begin with, it is the remembrance of it and the desire to conjure it up again vs. the guilt or lethargy that is sure to overcome should you skip the work out.

So, if inspiration is what you are seeking it might be a mistake to wait around for it to just “happen.” You’ve got to get going and do something! If you are looking to get fit, go for a walk. The endorphins you feel afterwards serve as inspiration for the next time. If you have a goal to get a specific project going at work, starting writing it out and talk to people that you know will support you and provide only constructive feedback. This will get the excitement flowing and serve as the inspiration to carry out the project. The key here is to take some sort of action in the direction of your goal. In fact, inspiration that arrives from a less kinesthetic form such as great speech from a typical motivational speaker or team building seminar probably won’t have the lasting effect necessary to achieve the outcome you hunger for.

Another factor to consider in the quest for lasting, propelling inspiration is that of community. When you connect and collaborate with others that seek a similar goal, you serve each other invaluably through cross motivation. That essence of community is what can keep you motivated and help you actually derive pleasure from the experience for extended periods of time vs. solitary motion. That pleasure then plays a huge role in inspiration, for lasting inspiration comes from a place of joy rather than fear or guilt.

This is why we believe so passionately in our motivational programs. We are not just reciting words of wisdom but actually participating with an entire staff or community in a kinesthetic keynote that has everyone involved— making music through rhythm. When we say we uplift and inspire, we are not referring to temporary motivation. We elicit lasting inspiration through drumming that people carry with them as an actionable experience. And the aspect of rhythm is on of the most brilliant features of what we do because everyone has rhythm…even those who think they don’t. If you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm and we can juice it out of just about anyone.

In fact, Drum Cafe West just wrapped up a weekend of drumming with bankers. We had two separate events each for different ABA eventbanking associations. The feedback following each program was proof that everyone has rhythm. We heard comments from our audience like “how did you get a room full of bankers to drum?” and “I’m really impressed with the level of rhythm we all had. I would never think that bankers had rhythm.” Of course that kind of achievement also led to a slew of inquiries for Drum Cafe to perform at upcoming banking events across the country. And yes, if you know us, you know we firmly believe in a bit of bragging, so we do like to toot our horn every now and then, or bang our drum as it were.

So, if you’re ready to really be inspired, get ready for action. Take a step. Even a baby step is one in the direction of your goal. And if you’re ready to really crank up the inspiration factor, give us a call. We’ll bring all the instruments and a team of experts that will motivate your team, staff or community to take inspirational action through drumming. We guarantee they won’t soon forget their Drum Cafe experience.

Now – let’s get inspired! Ready – Set- DRUM!

In Joy and Rhythm,
Natalie Spiro

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