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What It Takes to Dream Big

Planting Seeds of Courage

Founder of Drum Cafe West, Natalie Spiro, knows one thing for sure about her penchant for dreaming big— it runs in the family. They all have really big dreams.

Last week, Natalie received an e-mail from her cousin living in South Africa about her son, Kieron. It turns out that Kieron also had a big dream— to meet President F.W. de Klerk of South Africa.

Kieron was assigned a school project to investigate the life of someone who inspired him. Most of the children in the class chose Nelson Mandela, while Kieron was the only student to choose President de Klerk. Along the way, he learned many facts about the life of the President that only further inspired him.

Kieron was particularly inspired by President de Klerk’s ability to follow his heart despite the opposition of his friends, family, church, and political party. It was when Kieron told his mother about the reasons he was inspired that she suggested he try to meet the President.

Kieron wrote President de Klerk a letter of introduction and a request to meet, and he received an official reply: No. However, Kieron was not deterred, and continued to press on.

Last week, it finally happened, a seed of courage planted in the mind of a child that every dream may be followed if it supports your life purpose. Every dream begins with an outrageous idea of courage.  After all, that’s how Drum Cafe West came to fruition.

Kieron and President

Kieron and President de Klerk


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