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The Whistler and the Orchestra

Have you ever heard anyone whistle a symphony?  Of course not! It takes an entire orchestra to come together with its diversity of instruments and skill to create the musical piece in its totality. For the orchestra to be a success, which is of course the ultimate goal, each of the musicians must know how to integrate the sound of their instrument with the sound of the others in a way that creates value, i.e. a performance people will pay to see. symphony orchestra

A company or organization is in essence an orchestra, comprised of a group of people that supposedly work together, combining their skills and talents to create a product or service – the symphony.  Similarly, their product or service must be of value so people will pay for it, thereby creating success, which boils down to income for everyone within the company.  Without the success, there is no income; and without a symphony, there is no success.  Therefore, teamwork becomes an essential component to any company’s survival.  Great teamwork is then indispensable to a company moving from simply surviving to bountifully thriving!

When an organization invests in high quality team building for its workforce, it is investing in the company’s necessary profitability.  The companies that are flourishing in our current economic culture are those that unapologetically invest in the very people that create the success. It just makes indisputable sense!  Expecting employees to dazzle and contribute their highest potential without support, motivation and inspiration would be like assuming you could stand on a massive stage with thousands of people seated before you to hear you whistle Beethoven’s 5th symphony; and then expect it to provide enough value that everyone actually pays for it!

Furthermore, a company’s successful victory is the very salve that contributes to healing a broken economy. A company that invests in its workforce is a company that is also investing in the economy as a whole. It is a win-win circle that like a boomerang coming right back at you, provides real and expansive return. It takes a relatively small investment to create a significant increase in overall profitability.

We are not talking about wasteful, frivolous spending which does nothing to improve a workforce’s productivity. We are referring to investing in high-quality team building programs, expertise and lasting processes that motivate, uplift, and inspire. The result of this type of spending speaks for itself and guarantees a lasting, effectual outcome that equates to triumph for everyone. Now, imagine if everyone in the orchestra had a drum, each individual joyfully drumming their part in harmony with the other members of the orchestra. This is what I’m talking about! Welcome to Drum Cafe. Team building at its finest!

Our country is thirsting for a continued economic upturn. The reality of such revival is strongly influenced by the evolution of corporate America. Businesses that continue to simply whistle will not be a part of the great recovery. On the contrary, companies that invest in a well-trained, highly motivated, inspired workforce ready to rock the orchestra will be the ones that lead the way and create a blueprint for success.  Which would you prefer to be a part of?

In Joy and Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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