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The Power of Corporate Connection

Architecting Community

Drum Cafe West live event photoConnections— they’re what life is all about. In our careers, we build our ‘networks’, which is just our fancy word for all of the valuable connections we’ve made.  In our personal lives, we nurture our friendships and romantic connections. Connections are the most powerful card we have to play as human beings. Connection is the keystone on which Drum Cafe West is built upon. Whether we’re leading a corporate team building event, providing corporate entertainment for a gala, or performing at an elementary school, the principals of the Drum Cafe program are always the same. It’s always about making that meaningful, lasting, and powerful connection.

In order to make a meaningful connection, some sort of barrier usually needs to be removed. That barrier can be anything— race, religion, gender, age, job title, department, office location— the list goes on and on. These barriers exist in all aspects of our lives, and each takes a conscious effort to remove. Removing them is important because only then can an organization develop a true sense of identity and pride.

Drum Cafe Event ShakersBuilding a corporate team is much like building a community. Communities can be hindered by everything from racial to financial and political barriers. As time and technology have progressed, the concept of community has fizzled to a thing of the past.  In recent years, online communities have encouraged the re-ignition of these physical communities, but the re-building will take time.

In South Africa, this is particularly present. In a country where Apartheid’s legacy remains, cities are now stressing the importance of community development. Neighborhoods are beginning to take shape and identify as specific and unique entities. In a recent article from GOOD + You, this current shift toward community development in South Africa was compared to that of New York City’s famous boroughs.

“The Name Your Hood (NYH) campaign in South Africa is changing this. Name Your Hood works with architects, planners, and local residents to set about mapping neighborhoods in the city, with an awareness of sensitive issues like apartheid and racial inequalities. NYH is recreating the age old understanding of the term ‘community’ in South Africa’s cities, townships and suburbs by creating a platform for those who want to discover the richness of a particular area. NYH creates websites for each Hood. Each site represents individual Hoods and what they stand for, and includes places to eat, stay and shop as well as events. The site is also a hub for local history and people, and is a way of deepening a sense of pride and identity in the community.”

The Drum Cafe West program is essentially boiling this process down and distilling it for your business and organization. Whether you’re looking to build one united community or several smaller ones within your organization, our unique team building events are designed to break down barriers and promote genuine connection. When participants experience each other as individuals who all contribute to one end goal, sound in our case, they can more easily identify with their teams and feel a deeper sense of pride and connection to their work. Imagine if within your organization, your sales department was a community as proud of what they did and where they worked as the community of Brooklyn, NY. It’s a powerful prospect to imagine, isn’t it? Instead of imagining it, take action. Build it. Connect it.

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