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The Importance of the Mind/Body Connection

Drum for Wellness during Professional Wellness Month

Drum Cafe EventThis month, businesses are celebrating Professional Wellness Month. Here at Drum Cafe West, it’s one of our favorite times of the year. Why? Because all across the country, employers and employees alike are taking measurable steps to call awareness to and protect their overall well being. Wellness is about more than just feeling positive in the workplace; it’s about the overall connection of both your personal and professional areas of life. You are the same mind and body both in the office and in your kitchen- this month, it’s time to wake up and take care of both!

The wonderful part about being part of a music driven business is that we get to both experience and share the benefits of drumming every day. Not only does the activity promote emotional wellness, but it’s also a very physical art.  Our corporate team building events are so successful because they engage both the mind and body to connect them and bring people together on a level they typically don’t get to experience in the work place.  Think about it­– you’re probably sitting in your office right now, engaging your co-workers in seated and sedate conversations day in and day out. Imagine how the energy of conversation and flow of ideas would shift if you were tossing a Frisbee, running, or drumming.

It is well proven that physical activity stimulates the brain and helps the body to release endorphins. Not only can the effects of physical activity help make the work environment a more pleasant place, but they can also keep employees more alert. Exercise helps to keep the brain functioning at optimal levels and also sparks creativity. Drumming in particular is able to quickly bring participants into what is referred to as the ALPHA state, which enhances focus and clarity as well as relieves stress.

From an emotional standpoint, the benefits of drumming are numerous. Group drumming in particular is powerful because it helps participants feel a sense of togetherness and belonging. This sense of security allows the drummers to relax and ease into their creativity. Feeling supported by a team and being able to utilize one’s creative energy make for a more productive, positive, and confident team member.

Take time this month to bring awareness to the mind-body connection, and allow that awareness to make you both a better person and a better professional.


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