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The Beat of Tomorrow

They were ready to rally. Ready to rock. Kicking off Intel’s Global Marketing Summit last week was like opening for a stadium concert. The energy was incredible. And Drum Café West had only to tap into a groove that was already beating in the souls of these people.

So how does a company that employs over 100, 000 people connect into each other? Intel has recently been celebrating the simplification of its massive brand. This commitment to internal focus and innovation has been pervasive throughout the company, and has helped all the regions commit to being Sponsors of Tomorrow by generating achievements on a daily basis. The marketing team assembled for this conference was about to spend a week truly looking at tomorrow and anticipating the voice of Intel that speaks to life beyond the PC. I knew my job was to help them find their personal voices first. If we achieved that, then I knew their resulting communication flow would be unstoppable.

Several minutes after the first downbeat, the power in numbers and rhythms was fantastic. Our program had engaged the whole room and we were ready to dig deeper. Instead of dividing the group by job titles, I separated them by regions. Japan, China, Europe, Latin America, North America, Mid-East, Asia Pacific – each region was given its own instrument and its own rhythm to play. Even when they played separately at first, the other silent regions seemed so keyed in – like they were completely rooting for the players. I thought to myself, no wonder Intel is always ranked among the best places to work in the Fortune 100 companies. They really get the truth and power of supporting each other. That was so evident in the room.

I wanted to tap into one of their over-arching themes — simplification. So with all the regions playing their own instruments and rhythms, I reminded the participants that at any moment they could shift and play the same exact beat. When they did, the sound was complex (due to the diversity of percussion instruments) but singularly as powerful as one heartbeat. So by simplification, we actually strengthened the overall experience of the drumming. It wasn’t hard for them to connect this back to Intel’s corporate strategy to unify their brand in a similar way.

So hat’s off to our Sponsors of Tomorrow. Their marketing team sure knows how to celebrate today.

In Joy & Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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