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The Art of Networking

Drum Cafe at BizBash eventWhen was the last time you had a booth at a trade show?  Or have you ever?  If so, you know what kind of work is involved.  It requires an early morning, lots of schlepping and getting into the networking state of mind. Although some of us are more social than others, networking always requires extroverted behavior, a relentlessly positive attitude and really being present and at your complete best.

We recently attended the Biz Bash Idea Fest at the Los Angeles convention center. The show had not even opened yet, and we were still setting up our booth, but the uniqueness of what we do was already drawing attention from many of our exhibiting neighbors. This gave us such excitement and optimism for the day ahead, seeing that our peers were so very interested. With drums and shakers in our booth and the percussive thump of the video demonstrating our program, passers-by could not help but be drawn in. Drums are always an invitation. They beg to be tapped and ignite the inner rock star in us all.

The show floor finally opened and people began flooding up and down the rows of exhibitors.  There were three of us at the booth, and we were all endlessly engaged with show patrons and their interest in Drum Cafe.  Our loyal fans would joyously dance over to our booth, rap on the drums, shake the shakers and sing our praises. Once people experience the Drum Cafe program, they know how powerful it is. But we also greatly enjoyed making many new connections with some truly innovative event professionals and expressing the immense value of what we do; and the fact that we are not a venue but rather bring our extraordinary interactive drumming and rhythm programs to wherever their events are, with hundreds and sometimes thousands of drums in tow.

Watching the light bulbs go off over their heads was an exhilarating experience; so exhilarating in fact that we all found it quite easy to get into that tradeshow-state-of-mind.  Because we are all so passionate about what we do and our own roles within Drum Cafe, it was effortless to relay that passion.  Being able to build new relationships with people who are not only intrigued with what we do, but see the potential of the impact we can provide the events they put together was very inspiring.

Drum Cafe is all about inspiring organizations through our kinesthetic keynotes.  We are experts at it. When we are inspired, and our clients are inspired, it creates a domino effect of motivation, collaboration and creative communication. This process lights us up and in turn we see our clients light up.  It is the circle of rhythm.

The day was truly a success and it got me to thinking about the success of our surrounding exhibitors and all of the organizations they serve. Because we focus on collaboration as a team-building method, rather than competition, my mind was flooded with various ways we could all work in partnership to create a powerful network of inspired professionals delivering our respective services in a unified approach. The end result is an organization that gets their needs and wishes fulfilled and even exceeded.  I saw a quote the other day that stated “If you help enough other people take a step closer to their dreams, you’ve taken a giant step closer to yours.”  That is precisely the essence of networking and the very foundation of the South African principal of UBUNTU which Drum Cafe references frequently.

I’d love to hear from you and find out what networking means to you and how you integrate the concept of collaboration into your business.  What we share becomes conversation for inspiration!


In Joy and Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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