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Team Building Events As Celebrations

Investing in Employee Satisfaction        

There are so many different types of organizations in the world- big businesses, corporations, small business, non-profits; you name it! For all the differences in opinion they may have, there’s one fact that unites them all- they’d be nowhere without their key team members.

Employees in Team Building WorkshopEmployees are the single most important part of any business. These are the people who execute essential job functions day in and day out. It’s important to make them feel valued and invest in their future to save time and money in yours.

Investing in corporate team building events can be not only an effective way to motivate and unify members who may be on different pages of the playbook but also an effective way to show your employees that you value their satisfaction and personal development. A little bit of employee appreciation goes a long way toward a healthy relationship.

According to a report in INC Magazine, in a survey of managers across the country, managers responded that promotions and cash bonuses were the two most effective ways to recognize employee accomplishments. However, when the employees were surveyed about what they preferred, most said that an in-person meeting or report to senior management would be effective. There’s a clear disconnect between the two parties that team building events can bridge.

Here at Drum Cafe West, we’re often contacted to not only assist in team building efforts when communication is hampered, but we’re also equally as active in helping corporations celebrate milestones and highlight all-star employees. Showing your people that you value their contributions with something that can strengthen their individual well-being alongside their professional goals is a win for everyone. It not only helps improve their performance, but also improves your employee retention. While celebrating Professional Wellness Month this June, take a moment to consider what you can do to nurture your positive relationship with your team. Remember that most are looking for more than a competitive salary; they’re looking for an environment that’s good for their overall well-being.

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