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Taking Team Building to the Next Level

The Drum Cafe West Extended Program

Drum Cafe West at Smart MeetingsHere at Drum Cafe West, we are all about tailoring a program to fit an organization’s needs and goals. Whether that organization is looking for drumming to help with their team building efforts, diversity and inclusion training, or just some great entertainment at their next event, we have always been here to make the program whatever best fits their needs.

This week, Drum Cafe West owner Natalie Spiro had the opportunity to present a corporate drumming team-building program for a rather unique event. Smart Meetings is a resource for professional event planners to provide the tools that they need to make their jobs more efficient. Each month, Smart Meetings is published featuring articles on the latest in industry trends, corporate event planning, emerging technology, personality profiles, and updates on the best venues and destinations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Smart Events hosts 12 events per year across the country to both gather meeting professionals and suppliers in a casual, intimate atmosphere where attendees are given numerous opportunities to network, learn and meet in a one-on-one setting.

In such an incredible environment of people looking for passionate entertainment to bring to their clients, Natalie was given the opportunity to present a special extended program in a two hour time period.

What makes the extended program so powerful? Two words: Breakout Sessions.

What is a breakout session?

Smaller groups of 10 people are separated into various areas of the meeting space. Each group is given 20 minutes to create their own original piece of music. Once the time has expired, the groups all come together and present for one another. The entire organization then judges each performance on three criteria to choose a winner:

  1. How fun is the piece?
  2. How creative is the piece?
  3. How rhythmic is the piece?

Why is this breakout session so important?

The breakout session allows participants to take their team building one step further. While they have already experienced the overall feeling of unity with the large team, this gives them the chance to really cut loose on a more intimate scale, trust in their team, and be creative together. Being able to collaborate as a team is essential to building a successful organization. This exercise allows participants to safely collaborate on a level playing field; it removes the tasks and pressures of daily business tasks and places them in a place outside of their expertise to expand and build trust.

If you have experienced a Drum Cafe program in the past, consider the potential gain of doing an extended one in the future. Imagine the power and inspiration that it could bring to even further the capabilities and bonds of your team.

If you’d like to find out more information about how an extended program could help your organization, please contact us here.


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