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Stress Relief from the Inside Out

I just had a flash-forward. I saw myself rocking in a chair on a porch somewhere. That’s so not my life right now. Musing on the topic of stress and work, I guess retirement is the only place to envision a stress-free life. So if work equals stress, then managing stress is all part of managing work.

Stress management is a booming industry. I dare say that Drum Cafe takes the many prescriptive theories out there and puts them into action. What we do through our programs is hard-core stress relief.  If I sound big about this it’s because I have seen thousands of people transform right in front of me – morphing from the stressed to the unstressed.

It’s no secret that physical exercise releases tension – both in our bodies and in our minds. But what most people don’t know is that drumming is more than just a kinesthetic experience.  The ancient drum evokes rhythms that stir something old in us. The power of many drums sounding at once gives our subconscious permission to heal from the wounds of modern-day stress.  It creates a profound unity between all those participating.  And in a world of isolating cubbyholes,  this experience can reverse an insidious cycle of tension and release an unprecedented amount of physical and emotional stress.

I know one of the biggest questions with regard to stress management centers around who is responsible for it. As adults, we’re expected to take care of our selves and that begs the question of why a company should bring solutions to the table. In all the years that I’ve worked with Drum Cafe, I’ve always been moved by the compassion I sense in the clients I work with. Many of them bring our programs in because they recognize that stress is a shared burden.  They understand that stress reduces our ability to work effectively with other people and thus effects productivity. But even beyond impacting productivity, stress breeds imbalance. And when there’s imbalance, progress is severely compromised.

Drum Café’s programs might just last an hour or two each time we visit. But what’s remarkable about drumming is its uncanny ability to stay with us long after we play. Again, it goes back to our bodies as resonators, deeply connecting to the drum itself and to the sound of many people drumming together. It’s almost as if the sound waves are massaging our insides — and we all know that massage is one of the best therapies for stress relief. So maybe Drum Café provides awesome massages… from the inside out.


In joy and rhythm –

Natalie Spiro

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