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Score One for Collaboration!

So, it’s time for your organization’s 2012 kick-off. Your objective is to unite and energize the team to launch a new product into the market, exceed their budget last year, and cut back on costs. How are you going to infuse this level of unity and energy into them? Hmmm, so many competitive activities to choose from! Hang on a minute … “competitive”?? Your objective is to unite and energize your team, so why on earth would you foster a competition amongst them—whether it’s in the name of fun or not?

You are not alone when it comes to this. I worked for (and know of) many companies that made competitive-type activities part of their annual kick-offs, conferences and the likes—under the impression it would create unity. And, yes, they honestly were very fun! But they didn’t unite the organization as a team, rather they divided the organization into teams—counterproductive, to say the least. We all went back to our offices basically the same individuals with the same perspectives as before—albeit some of us touting ribbons for being the “winner”. We talked a bit about the day and laughed about the antics, but that quickly wore off and here we were again—the same people, the same organization. Where’s the ROI in that?

As most of us know, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants meet in Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday. Aside from the indulgent food, drinks and harmless betting, there are things we in the corporate world can learn from watching these over-achieving sportsmen. They are all a part of a unified, energized, and goal-oriented team. Their coach has the extremely difficult job to ensure the team of this, as well as ensure that they win against their competitors—not dissimilar to the professional world. So, when you’re throwing back those bacon-wrapped-dates and hotdogs, take a mental note to really think about how these incredible teams make it to the apex of American football—subsequently making history.

Shifting people’s individual and organizational spirit to achieve greatness in their professional and personal lives happens through collaborative activities that deeply connect people, finding the pulse of the organization and creating harmony through it. Successful teams are united, not divided. Collaboration is key. Drumming together around a common goal is definitely one highly productive way to achieve this. So, maybe you will find Drum Cafe facilitating the next Patriots or Giants strategy meeting!

In Joy and Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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