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Recognizing Employee Achievements in Diversity with Sempra Energy

Sempra Energy Employee Recognition

Earlier this week, we shared some of the reasons organizations choose Drum Cafe West for their corporate events. Whether they are looking to unite new hires, inspire senior leadership, build teams, motivate their employees or just kick back and celebrate a great quarter, there are an unending number of uses for our many programs. From pure performances to 2 day seminars that dive into communication, inclusion, and more, Drum Cafe West is here to support. Most recently, we joined Sempra Energy to celebrate their team’s achievements in diversity, and help them gain an even deeper understanding and awareness of the issues surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Corporate Events for Diversity Recognition
When we began designing this program, we wanted to bring special attention and focus to the concept that music can transcend all barriers and boundaries. This is an incredibly important and effective note when discussing diversity issues. As we’ve said several times before, drumming levels the playing field and allows people to communicate in a much more open and honest way. As the saying goes, “When words fail, music speaks.”

To unify a large organization like Sempra, we have to translate their reality into our musical experience. Diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace can center around many things, but most commonly the various roles and levels within the company play a huge part. This was the case with Sempra Energy. We liken these roles to villages and tribes—there are tribes of directors, managers, suppliers and each has their own role within their larger department or village. To keep the communication open between all of these places, we started by demonstrating how each department contributes to the overall vision. This is done through our opening drum call, where we can clearly hear each team’s contribution to the piece. When everyone plays together, they experience what it feels like to harmonize through one universal language of rhythm and music.

Once the opening ended, we explored Sempra Energy Leadership Team some of the larger concepts surrounding diversity — how can we be more open and accepting of differences? How can we lean into the discomfort of unfamiliar territory? How can we work more effectively as a team? Through rhythm and collaboration, we demonstrated how each individual’s drum contributes to the whole vision. In one of the most powerful moments of our program, the entire room promised to embrace and leverage diversity, tap into diverse thoughts, lean into discomfort, and remember that, “We have rhythm!”

At the end of the program, the feedback we received was powerful. Comments included, “Drum Cafe West really understood our business and did their homework,” and, “The group was clearly energized immediately following your presentation and performance.” That’s exactly what we like to hear!

For more information on the diversity and inclusion programs we offer, contact Natalie!

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