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Primal Play

We’re still in the throws of summer time. The recent thrills of the world cup captivated so many of us. It’s over now and the daily buzz is gone, but there’s still a hum blanketing the globe. I feel it. It’s like the games sparked our love of country,  teamwork, excellence and most of all, our love of play – of primal play.

I’ve traveled over 3 continents these last few weeks and I’ve been keenly aware of a certain rhythm pulsing through. Maybe it’s my connection to Drum Cafe, and the daily reminder that we’re all so anchored by a certain collective groove.  I know that my passion for the work I do leads me to writing this blog to reinforce how relevant our work is to each program participant we reach. It’s one thing to have a powerful singular experience with drumming, but it’s another thing entirely to connect that experience to daily life there after.

So in this season of summer, when we’re more inclined to take off our shoes and feel the grass and sand beneath us, it’s worth considering how drumming figures into it all. We talk about the antiquity of drumming, how deep the tradition goes, but let’s not forget those erupting smiles! How much fun it is to drum! ? How crazy good does it feel to merge with skin, drum, sound, sweat? And there’s no better time than the summer to indulge in the spirit and power of this timeless gift.

I know that fall is around the corner, and we tend to use the change of seasons to burry our heads in the goals we set for the coming year. I propose that along with those resolutions, we weave in programs like the Drum Cafe offers. These awaken our primal sense of play, and our capacity to tap those parts of our brain and body that carry us to higher plains of awareness  — and ultimately better means to be more effective.

Here’s to filling August with moments that add some hops to our steps.


In Joy and Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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