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Perfecting the Work-Life Balance

Utilizing Peak Performance Techniques

So far during Professional Wellness month, we’ve explored the importance of the mind-body connection and investing in employee satisfaction. We’ve addressed that wellness is about balance. When we are balanced, we feel content. Stress is manageable, and we are able to accomplish our tasks at work with ease and grace as well as enjoy relaxation at home. Today we’ll be exploring how to utilize Dr. Roy Sugarman’s peak performance techniques to perfect the work-life balance.

Dr. Sugarman, trained in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology, saw the value of an applied neuroscience approach to optimizing body and brain resilience to life’s challenges. Not surprisingly, many aspects of his approach closely connect with the Drum Cafe West program and drumming in general, and can help one achieve optimal performance in the personal and professional arenas. Dr. Sugarman’s top ten components of peak performance are:

  1. Exceed your own self-image.
  2. Recover
  3. Visualize
  4. Breathe
  5. Move
  6. Use food as fuel
  7. Be grateful
  8. Socialize
  9. Sleep
  10.  Exercise novelty and complexity

It’s no secret that when our physical bodies are in peak condition, our minds are more alert. This is the focus of Dr. Sugarman’s approach/ Getting your physical body in peak condition is a key component of being able to strike a balance between work and life outside of the office. How many nights do you plop down on the couch after an extra long day at the office, too tired to have dinner with friends or partake in any relaxing activity? Do you have trouble sleeping because your to-do list runs through your mind non-stop?

Consider these ten areas and see how you can improve each to lead a more fulfilling life. Take time to recover from bouts of long and stressful periods; take time to exercise your body; take time to socialize with friends. Find a hobby that encourages you to relax your mind outside of the office. Drumming is a great option for a stress relieving activity, as it forces you to visualize, breathe, move, and in group drumming, socialize as well!

What do you do to support balance between your work and home life?

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