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Opening the Windows of Communication for SAVO

Last month, we had the opportunity to join SAVO, a sales software solutions company, for their 2014 kickoff meeting. Like many of the organizations we work with, SAVO’s employees are very much like family, and their executive team recognizes the importance of bringing that family together to share and celebrate. At this event, the SAVO team was celebrating the completion of their best year in sales since the company began in 1999. That’s quite the accomplishment, so naturally, when SAVO invited us to present our program, Windows of Communication, at their 2014 kickoff we were thrilled. Our Windows of Communication program weaves elements of leadership, communication, decision making, and team bonding through the high energy drumming activities we present. As a result of this fully customized program, we were able to successfully speak the SAVO language and support their efforts to build a stronger, more united SAVO.

“One vision, One Mission, One SAVO,” was the cornerstone of our keynote presentation. For their team, creating sales solutions is the first priority and SAVO employees are the best at providing sales enablement applications. While we were celebrating their best year yet, we also wanted to energize their team for a new product launch. Using drumming as the medium, we began guiding them through their CEO’s strategic vision for 2014.

Through drumming, attendees had the opportunity to bond, connect and collaborate just as people have for thousands of years. Rhythm is the universal language, and in the corporate setting, it demonstrates synchronicity, collaboration, communication and energy. Just as the SAVO team combines their efforts day to day to develop software, provide sales solutions, and further develop this profitable venture, in our event, they successfully combined their energy, rhythm, and passion together into one cohesive, percussive sound.

The program aligned several different departments and functions to see one vision. In many organizations, it can be challenging to bring the entire team together. While the IT department may be working to develop a specific technological function, the HR department is focused on bringing top talent to the table. Simultaneously the marketing department is working to increase visibility while senior leadership is developing the next revenue stream. All of these functions are equally important, but it is also critical that employees have an understanding of how their individual goals fit into the big picture. This is why we aligned SAVO with the message, “One Vision, One Mission, One SAVO.”

By the end of the program, the attendees were clearly ready to deliver software solutions and optimize sales productivity. They were listening, contributing, and coming together as one team. Once everyone had their heads and hearts collaborating as one, they were able to successfully understand the team vision and truly kickoff a great year.

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