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Notre Dame could feel the drum as a powerful conduit for their faith

Drumming Group

The drumming began and in they entered. One hundred or so, faith-filled educators ready to groove! I can tell when a group enters the room how the event will proceed. Occasionally, I’ll get a group that looks a bit trepidatious while others are rocking all the way to their seats. This group was all smiles and clearly excited by what was ahead. They all eagerly picked up their drums and joined in the music-making before we even began our program.

Even though I do not consider myself a religious person, I am definitely deeply spiritual. It was that spiritual connection that I have always felt toward drumming that I tapped into when conveying the religious content that our client had asked us to share. It was an easy parallel to draw, and from the nods and smiles that were emanating from the audience, I knew that they too could feel the drum as a powerful conduit for their faith. Their faces were brilliantly lit up and joyful as we all drummed a symphony of unity sacredness.

By the end of our program, everyone was clearly elated and blown away from what they experienced. None of them ever expected to witness themselves along with their fellow faculty members drumming and dancing together without inhibition. Everyone came together as a community, and the partnership and collaboration they felt was obvious by the exhilaration in the room. It was a powerful hour of their life that they will never forget.

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