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Lighten up … it’s summer!

It’s officially summer!  The weather is warm, inviting and honestly, quite seducing.  Unlike our old school days where we could ditch work for a few months and just have fun, business endlessly continues along with our workload.  But what if we could take a little retreat, step away from the office for a spell and connect with our colleagues in a relaxed yet productive way?  Would that help quench the summer thirst for fun?

It’s so much easier to sit at a desk, attend meeting after meeting, and tend to the workload when it’s gloomy and cold outside.  But at this time of year, the bright weather beckons a gear shift; an opportunity to get away from the confines of the office while still effectively achieving laid out goals, initiatives and business strategies.

There are so many innovative ways to gather the company together off-site for a summer retreat that still integrates a theme of productivity.  In fact, the season of summer may be the most effective time of year to really connect with everyone, rejuvenate their passion and revive function expertise and efficiency.  We are naturally more tentative during the summer and with serotonin levels at their peak, our mood is also elevated.  This natural brain shift equates to an open mind that is functioning at a level that easily assimilates information.  We are also more social during the summer which enhances networking, team building and comradry.

Even when budgets are tight, with a little creativity, company lunch rooms or parking lots can be transformed into a summer festival.  Alternately, local parks are a great option for lower budget, off-site company events.  Of course, being that this is the prime season to connect with everyone, expanding the budget to accommodate something more elaborate would be a wise and fruitful endeavor.

Drum Cafe presented for QUALCOMM a few years ago at an off-site summer meeting in San Diego.  The entire ballroom was set up like a beach party.  Instead of typical hotel chairs, there were beach chairs, and from that space we created a huge drumming event; a kinesthetic keynote that brought smiles to everyone’s faces.  There was even a giant beach ball being tossed about the room.  Attendees where dressed in shorts, flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts.  The entire meeting with the relaxed summer atmosphere kicked off with such a fun and innovative experience turned out to be an enormous success.

That was a summer business meeting that no one there will ever forget.  But less elaborate events can be equally memorable.  It’s really all in the presentation and the type of activities that are shared.  Summer is not the time to whip out the projector and kill your colleagues with boredom from another power point presentation.  Engagement, collaboration and communication are key.  And don’t forget the fun factor – it’s essential for any successful summer event.  In fact, the best way to beat the summertime blues is to bring Drum Cafe to your next event and we’ll incorporate all of those key factors into one phenomenal experience!

Whatever you do, take some time away from the desk this summer.  Bring your Ipad, notebook, or laptop outside and let the sun warm you.  Make time for your favorite outdoor activities and enjoy the weather.  And if you hear the rumble of drums off in the distance, follow it.  It just might be Drum Cafe creating another unforgettable experience and you won’t want to miss out on the fun!


In Joy and Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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