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Lifting As We Climb: Celebrating Black History Month with Home Depot

It’s always a joy to work with corporations who value going above and beyond the usual cadence of business to provide their employees with a memorable experience. Last month, we had the opportunity to present a very special program for about 150 Home Depot employees in Atlanta, GA in honor of Black History Month. Throughout the years, Home Depot has always honored Black History Month in various ways—from hosting community education events at stores throughout the country to granting money to local organizations. This year, teams throughout the country were treated to special programs highlighting the value of their diversity and inclusion efforts.

Here at Drum Cafe West, we gave our best to honor the voices and lives of the African diaspora that gifted us the music and rhythms we utilize to illustrate the key concepts of our programs. The theme of this event was, “Lifting As We Climb.” This concept was about embracing our accountability to others through mentoring, sharing and building skills to enable those around us to elevate their potential. Talk about an organization that embodies the concept of ubuntu—Home Depot’s corporate culture thrives on the concept of individuals being who they are because of those around them.

Not only do Home Depot’s employees benefit from the company’s unique core values and culture, but so do the communities they are in. Through the Home Depot Foundation’s community grants programs, the company does its part to support committed and motivated neighbors in efforts to lend a hand. These grants support a larger mission—to know yourself, know this business, and know the community. Part of knowing and understanding their community in Atlanta was celebrating the African American culture and acknowledging the significance of Black History Month.

Throughout the course of our keynote, we illustrated to all of the individuals in the room that their diverse backgrounds and cultures were all of equal importance and value to Home Depot’s mission. As participants pounded their drums and felt the pulse resonating through their fingertips, a powerful alignment was established. The unity of the entire team was not only heard, but it was also felt at the core of each person. Maintaining the African American pulse in their organization is a critical component of keeping diversity and inclusion authentic in and around Home Depot. With a team so locked in, the Atlanta stores will have no problem keeping that at the forefront of their culture.

The event was a huge success, with participants saying that it, “Exceeded our expectations,” and was a “fun break from a standard speaker series [that was] inclusive of all cultures.” We were deeply honored to have been a part of this important cultural initiative for an organization so closely aligned to our values. This was a personal event for many of us that we won’t soon forget and hope to recreate throughout the west.


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