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Lifesaving Leadership with ZOLL Medical Corporation

Corporations have many wheels and gears to their machine. Most of those wheels and gears never come in contact with one another nor understand their function. For a corporation like ZOLL Medical, whose products help medical and emergency responders save lives every day, understanding the purpose of those gears, and coming in contact create a bigger and stronger machine. We had 1,000 employees join us in our performance and celebrate their achievements and strengths as a team and just as they work to save lives, we worked to empower their lives!

Our purpose for this event was to build stronger bonds than ever before. We wanted to celebrate those who have achieved their sales goals, those who exceeded their sales goals and all of those who have worked together to make it happen. It’s important to understand that one cannot achieve success without the help of others. Serving more than 100 countries, the lifesaving products ZOLL Medical produced has saved over 10,000 lives! Now that is something to celebrate!


When we planned this program for ZOLL Medical, we took their company culture into consideration, making our focus on encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and value self-motivated employees. Passion is what drives success and we wanted everyone to feel it. We wanted them to feel the connection in collaboration with everyone in the room creating a ZOLL heartbeat. This demonstration interpreted the feeling of that emotional connection that is made when one connects with a customer, colleagues and even ones leadership. Creating that bond builds stronger relationships, trust, and community.

For a company that is dedicated to creating the best quality products to saving lives, it was an honor to inspire their employees to return to work feeling prepared to lead their team to success using Ubuntu, and become stronger and more successful because of their employees around them.

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