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It’s not often we think of joy in the same moment with think of ‘job’. With just one letter difference, you’d think there’d be an easy connection.  Maybe there is one but we just miss it as we hurry to the next meeting. Maybe joy is sitting there at our desks right alongside ‘drive’ and ‘focus’. Perhaps it’s time we give joy a place on the whiteboard that lists all the critical ingredients that lead to success at our jobs.

I love my work with Drum Cafe because of the joy I get and the joy I deliver. Over the   years, I’ve become curious about joy as a commodidity or as something that I can almost quanitify in terms of its direct impact on the people who experience one of our programs. Do they go back to work more joyful and thus more productive? I picked up Dennis Bakke’s book Joy at Work and read this:

In my experience, most people don’t believe that fun and work can coexist. In large organizations, so few executives have experienced a joyful workplace that they have no idea how to create one. The result: Most employees grasp for high pay and benefits, fewer hours on the job, the mindless comfort of routine, less responsibility, early retirement, and job security. All are hollow substitutes for a rewarding, stimulating workplace.

Dennis goes on to say what I had hoped: joy in the workplace leads to more loyalty and greater productivity. The trick is to manifest joy and sustain it so that everyone benefits. Let’s say one base note of a drum symbolizes a moment of joy. If you stay in the ryhythm of that base note and then add new notes, new tones – you soon have a sustained rhthym that resonates and moves forward. That one note of joy has grown into something so alive – a percussive ensemble if you will – that in conjures up new possibilities.

It’s no accident that Drum Cafe‘s programs are designed to start with the base notes and then grow in complexity.  That’s the way most strong foundations begin. So when it comes to injecting joy into the lifeblood of your company, starting one strong beat at a time – literally – is a great way to begin.

You probably have jumped for joy at some point in your life – hopefully recently.  It’s great to think about that same ebulient burst happenning in conjunction with work. Why not? It’s where you bring 100% of yourself everyday.  Joy certainly belongs in the mix — because everyone benefits when it’s around.


In joy and rythym,

Natalie Spiro

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