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Jolly Good Fellow

What do you think the world would be like if every company had an internal culture like Google? And similarly, is it Google’s success that affords an internal culture with such a high regard for its employees and their well being, or is it the other way around? We certainly love working with Google. Not only is their campus in Northern California a spectacle of innovation and just down right fun, but the people who work there are truly a joy to work with.

When companies recognize that happy employees are productive employees, therefore creating overall success for the business, they tap into a winning formula that yields viable results. An organization does not need to have a massive budget to create such a cheerful culture. There are a variety of creative ways to show employees how valued they are. And of course, if there is a budget, using it toward overall company satisfaction will always provide a return on that investment. When an organization invests in the people who actually make it a business, they are in fact investing in the success of that establishment because a business is not a business without the people who run it.

Of course, Drum Cafe likes to take a sliver of credit for some of Google’s success as we’ve presented a number of programs for Googlers, and Nooglers (new Google employees). But long before our relationship, when Google was a start up in its infancy, one of the engineers began a program for employees to help them lead happier, more productive lives. This program went on to be hugely successful and popular and has earned this engineer an official title of “Jolly Good Fellow.” This article in Inc. beautifully demonstrates the simplicity around creating a happy workforce along with a masterfully creative idea…read on and be inspired:

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