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How to break down barriers without a jackhammer

Have you ever belonged to a business network of colleagues within an organization that has been dubbed “team?” If you have then certainly you are aware of the challenge of communication that can transcend the barriers that erupt as a result of difference and diversity among colleagues. Left untended too, those boundaries create a growing communication gap that leads to a lack of success and progress. Soon the so-called team ends up morphing into a cacophony of contemporaries that are just running around like chickens with their heads cut off and really accomplishing nothing.

But what if there was a single, very simple and easily accessible tool that could effortlessly break down the barriers, transcend the boundaries, and clearly illustrate just how powerful the team is when they actually work together. And what if that tool was not only enjoyable, but scientifically proven exhilarating and rejuvenating?  Well hot diggity dog do we have good news! We have hundreds of these tools that we schlep and ship just about anywhere and can teach an audience how to use in about an hour. This tool is called a DRUM.

They assemble outside of the ballroom, with its doors closed, chomping on the available array of breakfast items spread out before them, chatting among themselves according to their organizational silos. The southeast division gathered in one group, the upper management in another, and some of the ‘behind-the-scene” administrative staff standing off to the side observing the crowd. They have come together for the kick-off of their annual company meeting and that’s all they know. What lie behind the closed doors remains a mystery and quite the topic of conversation. Then, the drumming begins within the ballroom, the doors open, and the vision that unfolds is one of total surprise.

Summoned by the beat of the drum, suddenly the silos have dispersed and individuals begin to file into the room.  To add to the surprise, they find a drum on each chair awaiting their participation in this grand experience.  Trepidation and a bit of internal confusion can be seen on some of the faces in the crowd.  They wonder “am I supposed to pick up this drum and play it?” Fortunately, there is also an abundance of uninhibited extroverts in the crowd that don’t walk, but dance into the room with eager willingness.  They waste no time in picking up a drum and begin to bang on it along with the drummers on stage. This creates a wave of confidence and soon the entire room of about 200 company associates joins in what sounds like a chaotic expression of rhythm.

Chaos can be a good thing. It provides the perception of contrast for that moment when the chaos transforms into orderliness and harmony. That moment is a beautiful one indeed.  With a team of harmonizing musicians as support, when our Drum Cafe West facilitators step into their spotlight, within minutes they transform the chaos; introducing a powerful pulse that brings the entire room together and making music. Now really, I ask you, can any other team building activity or motivational speaker do that?

Within the next hour, colleagues come together and harmonize as one through the universal language of music which has the unique power to transcend obstructions to effective communication and collaboration. The silos have completely disappeared, inhibitions have melted away and what is left is one powerful company orchestra where each individual contribution is valued for its unique part of the symphony.  Facial expressions of trepidation have transformed into smiles of joy as everyone taps into an undeniable sense of comradery. By the end of the program, people are cheerfully sharing their passion with one another and totally high off the amazing vibe and sheer ecstasy that has spread throughout the room. All this through the power of rhythm.

We have a pretty simple mission at Drum Cafe West – to uplift, unite, and inspire. The drum is our tool in that effort and we deeply enjoy facilitating and observing the transformation that unfolds at each event. We actually feel it is a privilege and a pleasure to be part of bringing happiness and harmony into organizations and businesses everywhere in a way that no other program can.

And when the drumming stops, the sound that is heard is the sweet melody of barriers falling away.


In Joy and Rhythm,


Natalie Spiro


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  1. […] her this was not going to be anything like that, but rather a facilitated, motivational, and inspirational rhythm event where everyone contributed to the music and the organizational message we were drumming around.  […]

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