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How does your organization cope with chaos and change?

I gave what I said last week some further thought, and really got to thinking that there’s a lot of unnecessary craziness in the world right now—environmental, political, social, and the list goes on. I don’t need to go into it all as we all know what it is, and it will only cause me to digress from my train of thought into the darkness. This craziness exists in our personal lives as well as professional lives. There are many self-proclaimed “Gen Flux-ers” out there who are excited by the level of chaos and change, and suggest that people either develop the ability to constantly change or will not survive. In my opinion, this is a misnomer as these people are not a “generation” as we know it, but rather a personality type—and one that is an extreme type, to say the least. I will agree that there are certain personalities that will, and are, thriving in this environment—but they’re a minority. I also believe that these certain personalities are perpetuating and taking absolute advantage of the current chaotic environment; one is feeding off the other. Good for them! They’re chameleons that can adapt and turn on a dime—but are they really coping? Well, only they can tell us so.

Now, I’m not here to predict the future, but behavioral psychology dictates that a state of constant change and chaos is not sustainable. The human composition will not thrive in such a state of constant stress and uncertainty—social degeneration will surely be the ultimate result. I’m suggesting that all this is not sustainable, and there will probably be a return to a more steady and predictable state. Well, until this shakedown occurs and we can see the trees from the forest, we have to develop ways to cope with this change and chaos. I have personally found ways to cope, and continually work on such coping mechanisms. And professionally, I aim to help organizations to cope. Obviously, I can’t change the environment we all find ourselves trying to survive in; but I can help organizations build more united, spirited, and open-minded teams of people. The power of drumming and its place in breaking down barriers, opening minds, and aligning people around a common goal is what I’m talking about. Humans need to feel connected; it’s an innately fundamental need. Chaos and constant change will create disconnect and erode your organization’s spirit if you don’t supply your employees with ways to cope.

The best of the best companies are doing good things by providing employees with very cushy workplaces with amazing perks (Like Google! And who wouldn’t want to work there?!); while others are rewarding employees with such things as cupcakes trucks and gift-cards to keep motivation constant and high-fives flowing to the execs. While all this is absolutely necessary to promote happiness and loyalty to an organization, it doesn’t help employees cope with the stress or fear that comes with the current chaotic business environment. So, when all is said and done, think about how you can invest in your employees at the core— building more spirited and stronger individuals who will weather this storm of chaos and change, and come out shining.

I have a few ideas myself… interactive drumming programs anyone?

In Joy and Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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