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How do YOU cope with all this chaos?

Gen Y and beyond are wired differently than we, Gen X-ers, are… and thankfully so. We know that nurture influences can start as early as the womb, with studies on babies responding to music and sounds such as parental voices. Could this also be true with technology? Since I’m neither a sociologist nor a biologist, I can only hypothesize that such early influences are occurring as children seem to have the innate ability to understand and use the current technology—from iPhones to iPads to Wii. Yes I know that Apple’s environment is super intuitive, but it’s really as if these babies come out of the womb with the ability to download apps and scroll through picture libraries. My friend’s one year-old can unlock my iPhone—gasp!

However frightening this might seem to me and my friends who are mothers, this actually comforts me for two reasons:

1) I really do grapple with my inability to absorb new technology at the rate that the market seems to expect us to, but I am a Gen X-er (phew!) which I think excuses me from either the nature or nurture hypothesis; and 2) our children hopefully possess the innate ability to thrive in this new and ever-changing environment. Our children are definitely wired differently. Whether it’s via the nurture theory or nature has actually taken a hand in Darwinist-like tweaking to ensure that our children are able to cope with the constant change and chaos that new technology is throwing at them.

With that said, maybe our children will be able to cope with the chaotic, fast-paced, and ever-changing environment that technology is creating. Or maybe it’s just that they won’t have known anything different, so it won’t seem chaotic to them—it will just be their norm. And, it’s not just technology. Technology is simply a symptom of how the world is operating—faster, sleeker, stronger. Needless to say our children aren’t running corporate America—yet. It’s still us. So how do we cope?

To all of you, yes YOU, who are reading this now…I am not going to simply answer this question. I’d prefer that you reach out to me and give me some suggestions. Oh, I absolutely have a few of my own. But, seriously, I know that my audience is evolved because what I do each day with Drum Cafe West would not appeal to anyone less than. And my clients are definitely out-of-the-box thinkers. They’re leaders, not followers. They take risk, and don’t simply comply. If they didn’t, I don’t believe I’d have been in front of so many incredible organizations and audiences as I have. So, let’s hear it from you, my evolved audience and risk-taking leaders! How do you cope with all this chaos and change that’s dished up to you daily?

In Joy and Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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