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Google Finds Their Global Groove with Drum Cafe

Google and Drum Cafe

When I walked into the Google offices last month, I was absolutely electrified. I was stepping into the birth place of one of our newest verbs – one that means the same thing in every language: to google. It quickly hit me that Drum Cafe shared an equal honor – drumming to motivate, inspire, energize and build teams collaboratively, is universally understood everywhere too. That made me want to squeal with excitement.

Some dates are just love at first sight and this was one of those dates. I knew Drum Cafe’s corporate team building event was going to provide the perfect start and end to a massively important conference. Googlers and Nooglers (New Googlers) gathered at this Global Talent Summit to celebrate so many accomplishments but also to focus on some huge opportunities that lay ahead and to motivate each other to achieve fresh goals and enjoy team building benefits. It was all about developing and helping Googlers grow.  This was the heartbeat, the pulse that Drum Cafe was marshalling everyone around, that common purpose to ready them for some intense collaborative sessions. These leaders represented 25,000 Googlers across the globe. The work they were about to do would have a trickle effect throughout the company, and our opening and closing (bookend) sessions had the critical role of establishing the right tone to ignite everyone into action.

Google connects the world through a portal of shared information. I explained how that is such a beautiful embodiment of the African concept of Ubuntu I am who I am because of those around me. When we live in this spirit of Ubuntu, we are open, affirming and available to others and not threatened by ability, job function or skill. As Google externalizes this by making information available for infinite possibilities, they also internalize this spirit within their own organization. That’s what we focused on with the drumming – the interconnectedness that makes Googlers stay curious, look for solutions, be service focused and be bold all at the same time. Simple basic rhythms and that drive far-reaching, complex goals to impact billions of people.

In Joy and Rhythm – Natalie Spiro

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