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Expecting Success at FTD’s National Sales Meeting

FTD, a floral wire service, demonstrated their desire to grow as a company when we recently joined them at their FTD 2014 National Sales Meeting in Chicago. The company, who is responsible for getting florists amongst a network of multi-generational owners, recently expanded its reach from the US to Canada. FTD contacted us to use the age-old power of rhythm to ensure an entertaining and educational evening that would encourage collaboration among FTD employees that will help them expand successfully as a team.

“Expect Success,” was the theme of the event, aimed to create stronger connections between confidence and partnership. For FTD, success starts with having the right mindset, having new products and services, knowing how to properly sell them and executing with excellence. Their positive results correlate with company growth and they want to ensure that it continues to stay that way as the company continues to expand. FTD aims to streamline success by encouraging their employees to unite, celebrate, learn, and have fun. This is where we came in. Drumming constructs synchronization, allowing them to unite their community through an interpersonal connection.

The success of the event was apparent from the countless smiles and eager involvement of the attendees. FTD is always looking to improve communication amongst employees and it was immediately clear that our keynote successfully supported those efforts. The loud beating of the drums symbolized the unity and celebration of the company’s success. After the exercises were finished, we all went back to the dining hall for dessert and socialization. The goals of our program were to build trust within the company’s relationships and most importantly, have fun! Rhythm, whether in the lyrics of a song or a single melody, facilitates interactions in conversation.

The bonds of rhythm can translate differently through organizations but have the same fulfilling outcome of improved communication, leadership, honesty, and inclusiveness. Our program works to better the environment and advocates huge growth and expansion for all corporate teams to experience. Watching the event attendees come together as one through drumming was humbling and served as a reminder of just how powerful the universal language of rhythm can be. The energy in the room was infectious and if the employees are able to maintain that much energy at work then they can conquer anything.


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