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Corporate Team Building Events

All of our corporate team building events are designed to spark unity between staff members – a unity that reignites determination, enhances loyalty, and boosts attitude. There’s an emotional return on investment from these programs that can positively effect overall job performance.

Interactive Keynotes for General Sessions

Consultative keynotes are typically 60-90 minutes long.
They are customized to integrate your conference messaging throughout the program.

  • There is a drum for every participant [20 people – 5000 people]
  • Well-suited to be featured as the opening Keynote speaker
  • Program flows from initial non-verbal communication and drum call to customized scripted narrative with all-hands and body participation.
  • Various percussion instruments are integrated to celebrate different business units, geographic regions, campaign themes, etc

Read testimonials from Fortune 1000 companies and clients who enjoyed resounding success using our interactive keynote programs.

View an Interactive Keynote event in Action!

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Interactive Entertainment Program

This is a non-consultative, high-energy rhythm experience which may utilize drums, boom-whackers, drumsticks, shakers, hands, feet, or any other creative expression! This program is perfect for corporate entertainment or social events, and may include cultural story-telling, authentic costume, drumming, and dancing. From Gumboot dancers to Afro-Cuban and West African ensembles, we have a wide variety of energetic, energizing performers to uplift you. Program duration is very scalable from 10 to 60 minutes, but mostly used as a 30 to 60 minute ‘power punch’.

Pure Performance (not Interactive)

A wide array of drum and dance talent to energize and electrify audiences. Nothing raises a person’s heart rate more than a stage full of drummers, dancers and drums! These are perfect for short (5-15 minute) general session walk-in/out music, interludes between speakers and videos, product launches, or anywhere a spike is needed! They can also be extended into an entire evening’s entertainment, foreground or background — for both corporate entertainment or social events.

Percussion Programs

We frequently use these percussion programs as interstitial elements across a day or multi-day event and also to close an event that earlier experienced our full-blown interactive keynote.

Percussion Stick Program

These percussion sticks come in several colors and when played create the notes of a pentatonic scale. We split the participants up into color groups, each with a different note, and then give each group a different rhythm to play. These sonically intertwine to produce a “symphony of rhythm”. Before you know it, your group is making music together, resulting in a strong feeling of unity. If used in a keynote, we weave customized content through this program as well. Each color and note can represent a different geographic region, business unit, award category, core value, etc.

View a Percussion Stick event in action!

View a Description of the Percussion Stick Program!


Drumsticks are easy to hand out, either before or on your way into the event space / ballroom. They serve as a great branded gift for participants to take home. Program content and length can vary. This is a less sonically diverse instrument, so the programs adjust to this limitation.

Body Percussion

With our musicians drumming at the event, body percussion programs can be a simple, effective way to engage the audience. The whole body is engaged in rhythmic exchanges. It can be done virtually in any environment, at anytime.

View a Body Percussion event in action!

Leadership Program

The leadership module explores the elements of leadership in our core program much further by allowing managers and non-managers alike the opportunity to ‘assume the reins’ and apply immediately what has been modeled in the core Drum Cafe interactive program. In essence, the Drum Cafe ‘training wheels’ are removed, and leaders are invited to demonstrate their own manner and style of leadership ‘in the moment’ as they stand in place of the Drum Cafe facilitator in the eye of the musical circle to feel, see, and hear how and when a leader is motivating and enhancing the skills needed for a group of people to be successful.

Debrief Program

The Drum Cafe experience is an extremely ‘intelligent’ program whose metaphors are rich in context as they relate to the workplace and each particular client’s goals and objectives.

This facilitated debrief is an opportunity for each/any of the delegates to share what they learned from the experience — not only about themselves but about their peers, and how they can translate this experience to practical application in the workplace. The debrief provides for rich conversations and productive dialogue among the team members. We included a recap of the messages of the event and can use percussion programs to reinforce the drumming experience.

Going Home with a Drum or Percussion Stick

Do you want your participants to own the drum they had played at the event? We can arrange for that! We can also have your corporate logo screened on the drumhead.