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School Programs For Students

The Drum Cafe’s Kids’ Interactive Drumming Session (K.I.D.S.™) is a captivating learning experience, designed specifically for children from kindergarten through 7th grade. The program expertly weaves elements of geography, social studies, language arts, and mathematics together with an engaging and interactive performance that is nothing less than thrilling. Each and every student or teammate in your group gets a drum to play! Whether you have 20, 700 or 1500 young people, we provide a drum for each child, which lends to the power of the kinesthetic learning experience and youth team building. The program speaks directly to the power of listening, and of demonstrating unity through this cooperative effort.

The Drum Cafe K.I.D.S.™ Program Specifics
  • Each engagement/program covers up to 3000 students (the larger events can be split into several assemblies)
  • Anywhere between 35 to 70 minutes in duration per session
  • Each child gets their own drum to play!
  • The program integrates Geography, Math, and Social Studies
  • The program focuses on Character Building, and Affective Skill Building

Our interactive educational events are the best ways for kids to foster relationships, and develop cognitive skills in a positive and youthful group team building environment.

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