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Break-Out Program

Our breakout event can run up to three hours and involves splitting the group into smaller sections thereby creating a more intimate environment and a more personal experience.
The program begins with an introductory session aimed at both breaking the ice, and developing some basic skills with the group at large. This creates a sense of trust that the workshop is not going to be awkward or too challenging. The group is then broken into smaller ones- according to function or department or at random, connecting people across business functions. These smaller groups are instructed to create a rhythmical piece of music including parts and a chorus. This process enables the spirit of teamwork to thrive. The entire group reconvenes, and each section performs its piece. Lastly, all sections play their pieces in unison. This grand finale demonstrates how contrasting, or even conflicting rhythms, when combined around a main beat or core value, form something greater than the sum of its parts.

Creating music together in an orchestra is about doing your part, but still listening to, and being in synch with the “rhythm” of the entire group.