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Drumming Up Better Service With PCI Gaming

One of the most energetic events we recently had the pleasure of being a part of was PCI Gaming’s corporate customer service event. Tailoring our interactive keynote program to the unique needs of individual organizations is what we pride ourselves on, and this event was a fantastic reminder of how powerful that can be. It’s inspiring to see how the bonds of rhythm can speak to different companies on so many levels. For centuries, rhythm has transcended language barriers across many cultures; in the corporate setting, it can also help cross barriers of function.

PCI Gaming asked us to present on the theme, “Changing yourself so you can change others.” This is a particularly important initiative within their organization as they reinforce their top-notch customer service practices. As an organization who has quickly grown to employ over 2,500 people, it was critical that we tap into their company culture to communicate in the language they already use. In order to be sure the staff was ready to provide their guests with the highest quality service, we needed to ensure that they felt accountable and bonded to one another. Quality customer service can only be provided by happy employees who are excited to provide assistance.

From the moment our program began, the energy in the room was instantly impacted, and participants were engaged. The drum call was “unexpected but exciting!” as one participant wrote. As we began the keynote, we used rhythm to demonstrate to individuals how their contributions were of the utmost importance. We introduced topics including personal integrity, interpersonal connection, accountability, and leadership.

Perhaps the most powerful moment came when we took what we refer to as the “Oath to Rhythm,” and participants committed to lead by greatness. This was where the biggest shift in energy took place. We encouraged the team to think about how they could be more enthusiastically committed to their purpose, how to create deeper levels of accountability to one another and their guests, and how to inspire fairness throughout the organization all while beating away on our drums. Tapping into the PCI Groove was an essential component of understanding and defining the rhythm of communication and connection within the company.

Rhythm is everywhere, from interactions with customers to co-workers. It was our job to illuminate these commonalities and inspire PCI Gaming’s team to take action and responsibility of their own their individual rhythms to bring the organization together and create a positive experience not only for themselves but for the customers they serve.

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