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Drumming 100,000 Children Into Stability

Drum Cafe West Brings Inspiration to Unstoppable Gala

Since the inception of Drum Cafe West, we have passionately donated our services and support to causes that we truly believe make the world a better and more communal place. It is no small feat to take action to change the world. It is this incredible dedication to action that makes the Unstoppable Foundation an organization that we have supported for the past three years.

The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to bringing education and sustainability to people in developing nations. Their organizational goal is to lift 100,000 children and their families out of extreme poverty through sustainable community development that includes education, healthcare, water and sanitation, and alternative income projects by the end of 2014.  They’ve already contributed significant results in Uganda, Kenya and Liberia through their partnerships with in-country organizations.

What makes this foundation so incredible to us is their emphasis on empowering struggling communities. They do not give out charity; they foster independence and empower communities to make their own positive changes.

On March 16, we performed at the annual Unstoppable Gala. We drummed for all of the attendees as they entered the main ballroom, and for us at Drum Cafe, this is what gets our heartbeat racing. The opportunity to be in the presence of such a powerful group of donors and supporters was overwhelming. Seeing over 500 people feeling the same pulse, the same rhythm— living in the same communal heartbeat— reinforced the  strength of the team. These were people originally united by their dedication to a heart-wrenching cause and further bonded, inspired, and energized by the beat of a drum. This is the moment and feeling that we live for; this is what Drum Cafe West is, and it is powerful beyond measure.

The event was a huge success! Not only did it sell out with over 500 people in attendance, but it raised over $400,000 to support one of their new initiatives called, “A Right To Learn”.  We’re looking forward to continuing our support of Unstoppable, and want to leave you with these kind words from Connie Viveros from the Unstoppable Foundation Advisory Board.

“Just wanted to express my deepest appreciation to you, and the entire Drum Cafe staff, for your support at our annual Unstoppable Foundation Gala on Saturday, March 16th.  You should be very proud of your guys Natalie, they are wonderful entertainers, and they always grab the attention and inspiration of the audience.  It is always such a treat having the DC perform…

It was a wonderful evening Nat, and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity, your partnership and your huge heart!  I know what an enormous impact it has on the attendees when we are aligned with organizations such as Drum Cafe who are also doing wonderful work in the world.

Thanks again, for your never-wavering support. You are simply amazing and we could not have accomplished this without you.”

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