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Drum Cafe West at the Kaiser Permanente Major Accounts Summit

Helping Kaiser Be the Best at Getting better

In a marketplace where the field is constantly changing, it’s important to not only stay ahead of the curve from a product standpoint, but also from an organizational angle. This rings true in many industries, but it is in the forefront of the healthcare industry at this moment. While many companies are struggling to navigate the new reforms, our client, Kaiser Permanente, is tackling the issues head on and preparing their staff for a game-changing year.

Unifying and aligning large organizations with many moving parts can be a challenge. From regional to functional divides, our recent program had a lot of ground to cover. Employees from all levels were in attendance—account managers, sales executives, directors, senior leadership, and everything in between. The individuals attending the summit were mainly client facing teams who serve the largest customers, and in the past, Kaiser has found this event to be a critical way to prepare and motivate teams. The major goal of our program was to energize and unify this group moving into a post-healthcare reform market place.

Last year, we presented our program at Kaiser’s summit, and the response was so tremendous we were invited back this year. To change things up and keep it fresh, we opted to change the instruments this year and use boomwhacker percussion sticks to give participants a new experience as well as expand on the content from last year’s summit.  After seeing the response, we’re confident we delivered a program that set their team up for success.

“Sevylla and team nailed it,” wrote Wade Shows, KP’s Director of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness. In combination with Kaiser’s recent changes to accommodate evolving employee needs and desires, the Drum Cafe West program helped them take things to, “a whole new level.”

This particular event was especially rewarding as its focus was less on the products and services provided by Kaiser and more on the individuals within the teams responsible for these items. This year, one of Kaiser’s slogans is, “Being the best at getting better.” By taking the time to invest in their employees at this forum, they’ve already taken huge strides toward achieving that goal.

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