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Drum Cafe Touches Down In Israel

We’ve all got our opinions, our ideas of what’s true, what’s possible. When people talk about peace, reconciliation, nationalism, humanism – emotions spark and it’s difficult to navigate any discussion without tripping over our own words. Drum Cafe doesn’t depend solely on words. People in our programs bypass formal language and soar with a profound recognition that traditional boundaries of communication no longer own the limits of their potential. This statement comes with more audacity after spending three weeks in Israel launching our company. I find myself speaking about Drum Cafe with a renewed conviction that our program is more powerful than ever.

What better proof of concept than to dive right into an event? The Kellogg-Recanati MBA program which is ranked #1 by Business Week, is dedicated to enhancing the skills and effectiveness of senior executives.  Members of their program gathered in Tel Aviv. It was a mix of Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians, and new immigrants from Europe and North /South America. Not only were they diverse in origin but also in vocation – ranging from financial services to healthcare to high tech.

Just another drum circle? Hardly! I was born in Israel and I have an MBA. I also know the struggles of acculturation intimately.  I was primed for this day. The facilitators that I trained, along with myself, tapped deep into the meaning and energy of this group. Differences melted away in the first 60 seconds of our program. The event was so transformative that Drum Cafe Israel is now doing the whole Kellogg-Recanati alumni group – people from across a wide range of industries in  Israel.

I sometimes – no, quite often – wish that I could bring the pedagogy of Drum Cafe into the political sphere, where true communication seldom happens.  But it’s the leaders in business that also do some heavy lifting in that arena. So I focus on where we’re connecting right now and know that we’re doing our part.

In Joy and Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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