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Drum Cafe Helps Troubled Teens

Kids drumming with Drum CafeA part of our business that is equally important as the corporate side, is the work we do with schools and kids. These programs really move us, as we see kids busting the biggest smiles and truly coming alive by drumming through one of our programs. We facilitate programs for all types of schools, institutions, and educational facilities–for both kids and faculty. Each event is so incredible and has such a tremendous effect on the kids and faculty, that we simply wish that more schools and facilities had the budget to host these programs. Because of how important such programs are to kids, we help out with the cost as much as we can.

On this July 4th day of celebration and reflection, you might have thought about not only the history of this great country but how we can affect the future of it. Kids are where we need to put our focus and more resources into helping them become the healthy and productive citizens and leaders our country needs to prosper. So get ready to have your heartstrings pulled and feel good about people shifting energy and positively shaping young lives … here is a link to the article

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