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Do You Celebrate Your Team Enough? Lessons from Fantech

When was the last time your organization came together to celebrate? Did you pop open a bottle of champagne to toast to a successful product launch? Did you host a company retreat to bring your team together after hitting major sales goals? Maybe you simply congratulated a team member on a new promotion. No matter how big or small your team or the celebration, these moments are vital to the health of every organization.


We recently had the opportunity to celebrate some huge successes with Fantech, whose employees have been busy researching, designing and bringing to market ventilation solutions that ensure better indoor air quality in the buildings where we work and live. Fantech called on us to help them celebrate the launch of an innovative new technology. They recognized the power of getting all of their employees excited about the new offerings and invested in an energizing company-wide event. Of all the celebrations we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of, this one was by and large one of the most true to a company’s culture as we’ve seen, complete with beers and fried catfish. Who can argue with that?

There are some great lessons to be learned from Fantech’s celebratory style. Here are a few things you can keep in mind when planning your team’s upcoming celebrations.

  1. Customize the celebration to your team. Beers and catfish worked so well for Fantech because both are a huge part of their company culture and employees’ lives. Being largely from the south, this concept worked for them. However, this celebration may not translate as well to your organization. Take into account what your people love. Does your team love rock climbing? Are there several music fans in the office? Cater to the your audience and think about what would excite them. Hire a band to play music in the parking lot and host an evening happy hour/dance party to let everyone cut loose. Take the team to a rock climbing gym to celebrate their successful sales goals. Make it a simple priority to play a game of dodge ball at lunch on Fridays to celebrate the week. Give your team opportunities to do something they love. This ensures that everyone feels valued and appreciated.
  2. Shape your company culture. Use celebrations to send messages to your organization about the type of culture you’re embracing. If your company values don’t align with the type of event you’re planning, rethink it. Is health and fitness important to your company culture? Take that into consideration when choosing a celebration that involves food. Do you have several departments that tend not to intermingle and overlap? Try and plan an activity that gets them to engage outside of their comfort zones.
  3. Inspire them to do it again. Celebrations aren’t a one-time thing. It’s important to regularly bring everyone together to keep the team inspired. Whether someone is promoted, a new hire is made, a sales goal is accomplished, or a new product is launched, reminding those involved that their work is important and should be celebrated is essential to keeping teams united, uplifted and inspired.

What do you do encourage your teams to celebrate?

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