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Corporate Emotions

The corporate world is changing and Drum Café in the right place at the right time.

A bold statement, yes. But one informed by such a rush of affirmations we’ve received during these last few months.  Some days. I just have to shake my head in disbelief.  It hits me square in the face that the work I’m doing with Drum Café harnesses a collective source of power that is capable of creating huge transformations – impacting both how we conduct business and how we take care of our individual selves.

It’s becoming more clear to me that connecting emotionally within an organizational structure is key to its success. People tell me outright that they get so stuck in their heads during a work week, that they forget to breathe, or feed themselves, or even look out the window for a minute. So when they’re introduced to the concept of drumming for an hour – all sorts of things happen. Drumming is emotional. It calls forth the parts of us that so inform how we think and conduct business – but these parts fill a whole different landscape – not of the head but of the heart. So if we speak to these parts, we’re taking care of business. We’re tapping more fully into the resources of our human potential.

Angela, a recent participant in one of our programs, wrote an extraordinary testimonial that speaks to all this:

“….I really felt the drumming…it connected in me feelings that I had not owned for many years.  I would have been the timid one but the longer I drummed, the better I felt…it was a release…. somehow in that drumming I found my courage… I saw how starved I had been, as I kept my passion and my power so hidden on the inside…”

Angela also spoke about how she marveled at the communication we did using no words. It stuck with her, she said.  If drumming was its own language, where does that language go when the drum is no longer there? It dawned on me after reading Angela’s letter, that once we start a conversation while drumming, it can continue far beyond the program itself.  Once the emotions are sparked and spoken, what transpires next is a deepening in communication.

I’m curious to see how Angela moves through this next phase of her life, because if she holds onto what was ignited in her through drumming, it seems like nothing can stop her.  Courage and passion are powerful ingredients for anything, the least of which is doing your job well.


In Joy and Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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