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Collaboration vs. Competition in Team Building

What inspires you more…feeling like a loser or feeling like a winner?  Of course this is a rhetorical question! Yet, when it comes to the various types of team building activities, there are basically two camps—competitive or collaborative. Many team building activities divide a team, creating competition with the end result being a team of “winners” and a team of “losers”.  This type of pursuit is not effective at bringing people together as one united team and showing them that collaboration as a single unit is paramount to success. Isn’t unification and cooperation what successful “team building” is all about?  We certainly believe so.

Interactive Drumming Program

In this ever-changing and challenging corporate climate, organizations are charged with the vital task of thinking outside of the box. Success mandates expansion rendering the status quo no longer an option; and expansion requires innovation. Today’s workforce needs a fortified boost of motivation to achieve the level of growth they are expected to produce. Employees don’t want to feel as though they are competing with their own team members. They want to feel like a vital part of a magnificent orchestra, where each person’s part is important to the overall beautiful melody. This positive state of being is what creates a truly united team, which is an integral part of a successful organization.

When deciding on various activities or keynotes to implement into your next organizational event, consider what you want the end result to be. Do you want half, or any portion of, your workforce to feel defeated? Or do you want your entire team to feel a true connection to one another, appreciating each other’s valued contribution to the organization as a whole and seamlessly working together to achieve a common goal? It’s an easy answer really. Drum Cafe’s team-building programs provide an innovative, fun and energizing activity that brings people together and intrinsically demonstrates the profound value in working together. We are experts in collaboration and we understand the powerful fact that drumming is a natural medium to inspire and unify a group of people. The drum also happens to be an instrument that anyone can play and our experienced facilitators know how to ignite the rhythm in everyone.Collaborative team-building through drumming

At the end of an hour drumming experience, people walk away feeling uplifted, rejuvenated, aligned, and ready to conquer the day-to-day functions of their organizational role and exceed expectations. This is why our clients become evangelists.  Not only do they bring us back time after time, but they also sing our praises to their colleagues who might be looking for their next keynote speaker or team building adventure.

Light-hearted competition does have it place—it can be fun way to blow off steam and get the competitive juices flowing. However, it also creates a sense of “better than” which only leads to segregation and, for the loser(s), a sense of a lacking value. Competition does not provide the lasting results that keep a team connected to each other and working in harmony and cooperation. So, my advice is to be very cautious when choosing such an activity for a company event, especially in the current business and economic environment.

Collaboration is necessary nourishment for a super-star team of employees, managers, and corporate executives. When everyone can recognize their valued contribution to a companies overall success, motivational momentum is maintained. When you ditch the competition and inspire partnerships, powerful alliances and lasting relationships and you will master an organization’s formula for success. The end result is one of unlimited potential.

Next time you think of corporate team-building and how to achieve success, think about a “collaborative” activity or event. Think about drumming!

In Joy and Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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