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I just want to say a huge “Thank You” for all you did to work with us on Refresh 2010. It is undisputed that Drum Cafe’s presence played a pivotal role in creating the overall vibe of the program that had our Teammates leaving truly feeling REFRESHED! Even on the 22nd session, I loved every minute of running this year’s program and working with you and your team was definitely a contributing factor to that satisfaction. Cheers,
Benjamin Eye – Creative Communication & Events Manager
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I haven’t had an opportunity to touch base with you on Wednesday! Thanks so much for contributing to our event, it was fabulous, people were excited, and even the tough crowd in the back got into it! Very well done! It gave our event a great additional dimension, and quite a few people came up to me to not only express that they had great fun, but as well commenting how well versed you were with IPG, and that you probably knew us from before! Excellent job, thank you!
Sabine – Hewlitt Packard
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Thank you for the fabulous event you and your team did for us at Google yesterday. Googlers can be a pretty challenging audience (especially when it’s a group of learning professionals/facilitators!) and you absolutely blew everyone away. You exceeded my expectations by far – and the environment/energy you created was critical for us as an organization. Because of your involvement, we are going to be able to move forward in a more focused, unified, and joyous way. You were a highlight of the year at Google – and that’s a hard thing to do! You were also the highlight for me personally – so thanks!
Trudi McCanna – Google Inc.
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Your participation in the Intel Marketing Summit was a raging success. People are still talking about it, the way you brought everyone together, and the energy and enthusiasm that resulted. Thanks again for helping make our event among the most successful ever organized at Intel. Think of me when you need a reference in the future. I’m happy to help however I can. Warm Regards,
Terry Scalzo – Intel
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The Drum Cafe West pumped up our youth program with BIG energy and motivation. By incorporating our mantras and positive self-talk exercises, they reinforced concepts we had already taught to our students while making it active and fun. Every kid was energized by the performance and ready for what we had in store for the rest of the week.
Maria Grasso – Eagle University