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Having Fun with Hunter Industries

Drum Cafe Leadership Event

When was the last time you had a good old-fashioned laugh with your coworkers? Was it at the last holiday party? Is it something that happens daily? Would you consider your job fun?

We recently did an incredible event with the sales and marketing professionals of Hunter Industries, which is a family-owned global company that provides solutions for irrigation, outdoor lighting, and custom molding industries. The central purpose behind the event was to bring the employees together to have some serious fun, which got us at Drum Cafe West thinking about how beneficial it really is to show your employees a fun time now and then. In the case of Hunter Industries, many employees have been working in their particular industry for decades. In one respect, this indicates immense satisfaction in what they do – however, it also could suggest a stagnant daily routine for these seasoned pros. Planning a team building event is an amazing way to rejuvenate your employees and remind them why they love what they do and who they work for. Here are three reasons why you should always incorporate FUN into your office or in office retreats:

  1. Having fun helps rebuild camaraderie. Just like we get into a steady groove with our work, we can also get into a groove with our social habits in the office. Sometimes we don’t talk to anyone outside of our department or take the time to get to know the new hires. When we’re not embracing one another and working as a team, the company culture can start to slump, making it a less desirable and unproductive place to work. Having engaging, fun events or retreats can bring down walls and give employees an opportunity to get to know one another.
  2. It improves internal communication. Having fun together is a great way to bond with our colleagues, which in turn makes it a lot easier to relate and communicate with them down the road.  Laughing and enjoying ourselves alongside colleagues and leadership is a great reminder that despite our differences in titles, departments, cultures, and so on, we all have things in common, including our love for the company. This makes it easier to ask questions, mention ideas, and compliment one another in passing or at a monthly meeting. Higher morale and stronger communication leads to better productivity, which benefits all parties.
  3. Lastly, it reminds us why we want to work for the company. When our workplace puts on team building events in order for us to enjoy ourselves and each other, we feel recognized and appreciated. We also get to look around and remember that we’ve got an entire team behind us all working toward similar goals. These moments allow us to revisit our progress, personal goals, and how they align with those of the company.

How do you encourage your team to have fun?

Having Fun with Hunter Industries

When was the last time you had a good old-fashioned laugh with your coworkers? Was it at the last holiday party? Is it something that happens daily? Would you consider your job fun? We recently did an incredible event with the sales and marketing professionals of Hunter Industries, which is a family-owned global company that […]

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