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AVID Event Recap: Teaching Teachers to be Brave & Brilliant

Last week we had the privilege of performing our interactive keynote program for AVID, an organization dedicated to the success and achievement of underprivileged students who are determined to not only be successful in school, but in all aspects of their lives. Introducing our new program to this team of 150 innovative educators and administrators […]

Expecting Success at FTD’s National Sales Meeting

FTD, a floral wire service, demonstrated their desire to grow as a company when we recently joined them at their FTD 2014 National Sales Meeting in Chicago. The company, who is responsible for getting florists amongst a network of multi-generational owners, recently expanded its reach from the US to Canada. FTD contacted us to use […]

What History Has to Say about the Drum Circle

What History Has to Say about the Drum Circle

Zach Dederick is the resident percussion expert at X8 Drums. He spent his formative years as a drumset drummer but found his calling after immersing himself in a study of West and Northwest African musical culture. The djembe drum’s rhythm, energy and presence has since hopelessly hooked him to the instrument. He now spends his […]

Workplace Toxicity: 3 Tips to Combat it!

Toxic work environments… we’ve all witnessed it, and it isn’t pretty for productivity. The deep rumblings of negativity start stirring, and before we know it, the entire office has a new tone to it that isn’t necessarily positive. Whether it stems from an employee who feels undervalued or a conflict between two coworkers with conflicting […]

How to Hire the Right “Personality” for Your Team

We often discuss the topic of team building as it pertains to those already involved in and committed to an organization. However, the hiring process is always the first step to building any team, and it is important to take a step back and think about new hires as members of your team. How do […]

Why Do Organizations Choose Drum Cafe West?

Why Do Organizations Choose Drum Cafe West?

It seems simple — you call a team building organization to help you strengthen your team. Yet day in and day out, we hear so many unique reasons that people call us here at Drum Cafe West to come in and help their teams thrive. In just the past month alone, we’ve had our clients […]