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AVID Event Recap: Teaching Teachers to be Brave & Brilliant

Last week we had the privilege of performing our interactive keynote program for AVID, an organization dedicated to the success and achievement of underprivileged students who are determined to not only be successful in school, but in all aspects of their lives. Introducing our new program to this team of 150 innovative educators and administrators […]

Workplace Toxicity: 3 Tips to Combat it!

Toxic work environments… we’ve all witnessed it, and it isn’t pretty for productivity. The deep rumblings of negativity start stirring, and before we know it, the entire office has a new tone to it that isn’t necessarily positive. Whether it stems from an employee who feels undervalued or a conflict between two coworkers with conflicting […]

A Response to Deepak Chopra’s “A Better Way to Deal with Control Issues”

How Group Drumming Can Help You Release Your Control Issues In the recent article titled, “A Better Way to Deal with Control Issues,” published on October 19 on LinkedIn, Deepak Chopra discussed the personal control issues we all face on a daily basis. In any situation where we find ourselves needing to trust others, whether […]