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Lessons in Leadership: Lesson #4 | Confidence

Likely the most important trait of a successful leader is their self-confidence. Day in and day out, leaders are tested to stand by their opinions, make tough decisions and challenge their teams. The only way to do this while being flexible, providing support, and being transparent is with confidence. “Self-confidence is the fundamental basis rom […]

Lessons in Leadership: Lesson #3 | Transparency

Continuing our ongoing series, Lessons in Leadership, today we talk about one of the most overlooked and key components of successful leadership—transparency. Before you begin to panic and think this means sharing all of your company’s numbers with every member of your team down to the unpaid college intern, take a deep breath; that simply […]

Lessons in Leadership: Lesson #2 | Support

“Leadership is a combination of art, science and human nature.” – Eric Sheninger Think about the strongest leaders you’ve encountered in your life, both personal and professional. Were they confident? Intelligent? Passionate? Strict? Empathetic? Supportive? I’m willing to bet that these were some of they key words that came to mind when you conjured the […]

Lessons in Leadership: Lesson #1 | Flexibility

5 Ways You Can Embrace Flexibility and Become a Serving Leader In a recent blog post titled, “Old School Leadership is Out,” author of Be DIFFERENT or Be Dead, Roy Osing, shares his views and advice on the evolving leadership and management issues of today’s workplace. According to Osing, today’s managers should focus more on […]

A Response to Deepak Chopra’s “A Better Way to Deal with Control Issues”

How Group Drumming Can Help You Release Your Control Issues In the recent article titled, “A Better Way to Deal with Control Issues,” published on October 19 on LinkedIn, Deepak Chopra discussed the personal control issues we all face on a daily basis. In any situation where we find ourselves needing to trust others, whether […]

How to Hire the Right “Personality” for Your Team

We often discuss the topic of team building as it pertains to those already involved in and committed to an organization. However, the hiring process is always the first step to building any team, and it is important to take a step back and think about new hires as members of your team. How do […]

Why Do Organizations Choose Drum Cafe West?

Why Do Organizations Choose Drum Cafe West?

It seems simple — you call a team building organization to help you strengthen your team. Yet day in and day out, we hear so many unique reasons that people call us here at Drum Cafe West to come in and help their teams thrive. In just the past month alone, we’ve had our clients […]