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All For One, and a Drum For All!

Braving through blizzards and cold is more than worth it when you get to work with such a dynamic group of people— this past week we jubilated and drummed with the Peoples Bank of Kankakee in snowy Illinois! It was, "All For One!" for everyone in the room as we celebrated the launch of their new bank referral program. Drum Cafe West's main mission was to have all event attendees leave the event with a renewed sense of confidence as they begin promoting their new program to clients and the community. Loan officers, loan operations, customer care teammates, tellers, personal bankers and administrative team members ALL came together for this exciting kick-off.

We used the element of surprise to start things off— employees were told to meet at a specific location at a specific time for a "business meeting." As everyone started to gather outside, the Drum Cafe West crew began playing a medley of traditional West African rhythms. djembe and djun djuns. In order to get the best of what the djembe has to offer, one simply needs to "let go." It's normal to feel self-conscious during your first encounter with the drum, but the really great part about drumming is as long as you put your mind and heart into it you can do it— you do not need to be a master musician to create an awesome rhythm! That's precisely the message for the "All For One" bank referral program— you don't need to be a master salesperson to participate and contribute.

So, just like when playing the djmebe, we encourage all participants to "let go" and set down mindsets like, "I am not a salesperson...I can't sell...I've never sold anything before, I'm a bank teller." We can come up with a lot of reasons why this is not our "gig," or why we don't have rhythm or have never played the drum, but the Peoples Bank of Kankakee's CEO, Jeff Hammes, has a broad vision from his team and he knows they all possess the talent to succeed at this program. They are shifting their beliefs in order to grow their market and community.

The more drumming the Peoples Bank of Kankakee engaged in, the more they felt the power of interconnectedness. Drum Cafe West could feel their confidence grow stronger through their drum voices!  It was clear to all drummers in the room that in order to ensure growth, retention and profitability, all hearts and heads need to come together as one strong rhythmic force. Once you possess the "All For One" mindset, the gratification and confidence will increase as you decide to DO.



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All For One, and a Drum For All!

Braving through blizzards and cold is more than worth it when you get to work with such a dynamic group of people— this past week we jubilated and drummed with the Peoples Bank of Kankakee in snowy Illinois! It was, “All For One!” for everyone in the room as we celebrated the launch of their […]

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