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Drum Cafe West Coast Blog - Nurturing Global Relationships with GAP Outlet

The Drum Cafe West Coast crew witnessed a few perplexed faces as the GAP Outlet family filtered into the room. While the DCWC crew harmonized through a drum call, our Thought Leader, Natalie, greeted the newcomers with a big, friendly, “Saobona!” (in Zulu, this is roughly translated to “Hello and welcome”). At this point, everyone from DCWC is certain that the audience knows this is not going to be another PowerPoint presentation. It only seemed fitting to give them a unique greeting, as this is the first conference that Senior Leaders from their global team were in the same place at the same time. Amazing!

Natalie goes on to explain that what the GAP Outlet global team just experienced was the language of rhythm and drumming. The language of rhythm and drums transcends all barriers and boundaries across functions and geography so individuals can effectively communicate and collaborate as a team. Just like in Drum Cafe’s birthplace of South Africa, The GAP Outlet team has many villages and tribes— they came from North America, Europe and China to connect and celebrate global partnership growth, leadership growth and store growth. The core sentiments for GAP Outlet’s event with DCWC went like this:

1. A Better You with the Pulse. This part is all about influencing and impacting how the GAP Outlet brand comes to life— it’s about “being a better you and a better GAP.” Everyone places a drum between their legs and they commit to creating a company pulse – to coaching others to be the best they can, to engaging themselves and their teams, to relating as individuals and as teams, and to having RHYTHM of course!

2. Doing More with the Communication Note. This is where each voice and individual contribution is examined (the magic happens when everyone does their part). The “GAP Groove” is created in a multi--part rhythm that aligns with enhancing confidence and ability as leaders, and in creating an engaging environment.

3. Finding a Common Rhythm through Percussive Creations. The GAP Outlet team made music as a whole orchestra. It didn’t matter what their function or geographical location was— they honored each individual voice while listening to each other perform as a whole unit at the very same time.

Just like when they were drumming, the GAP Outlet team’s unique, individual contributions will lead to their success as a whole in 2015 and beyond. How does your company nurture their long distance relationships with clients and other teams?

Photo caption: A "Thank You" note we received from GAP Outlet after the event.



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The Drum Cafe West Coast crew witnessed a few perplexed faces as the GAP Outlet family filtered into the room. While the DCWC crew harmonized through a drum call, our Thought Leader, Natalie, greeted the newcomers with a big, friendly, “Saobona!” (in Zulu, this is roughly translated to “Hello and welcome”). At this point, everyone […]

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