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Pure Entertainment, Pure Celebration

While we love uniting and aligning corporate teams through our team building events, we also love the excitement of getting up on stage and putting on large-scale performances for huge crowds. Last month, we had the incredible privilege of performing for Starwood, the international hotel chain, as they hosted their annual gala at the Sheraton […]

AVID Event Recap: Teaching Teachers to be Brave & Brilliant

Last week we had the privilege of performing our interactive keynote program for AVID, an organization dedicated to the success and achievement of underprivileged students who are determined to not only be successful in school, but in all aspects of their lives. Introducing our new program to this team of 150 innovative educators and administrators […]

Lifting As We Climb: Celebrating Black History Month with Home Depot

It’s always a joy to work with corporations who value going above and beyond the usual cadence of business to provide their employees with a memorable experience. Last month, we had the opportunity to present a very special program for about 150 Home Depot employees in Atlanta, GA in honor of Black History Month. Throughout the […]

Opening the Windows of Communication for SAVO

Last month, we had the opportunity to join SAVO, a sales software solutions company, for their 2014 kickoff meeting. Like many of the organizations we work with, SAVO’s employees are very much like family, and their executive team recognizes the importance of bringing that family together to share and celebrate. At this event, the SAVO […]

Lessons in Leadership: Lesson #4 | Confidence

Likely the most important trait of a successful leader is their self-confidence. Day in and day out, leaders are tested to stand by their opinions, make tough decisions and challenge their teams. The only way to do this while being flexible, providing support, and being transparent is with confidence. “Self-confidence is the fundamental basis rom […]

Lessons in Leadership: Lesson #3 | Transparency

Continuing our ongoing series, Lessons in Leadership, today we talk about one of the most overlooked and key components of successful leadership—transparency. Before you begin to panic and think this means sharing all of your company’s numbers with every member of your team down to the unpaid college intern, take a deep breath; that simply […]

Lessons in Leadership: Lesson #2 | Support

“Leadership is a combination of art, science and human nature.” – Eric Sheninger Think about the strongest leaders you’ve encountered in your life, both personal and professional. Were they confident? Intelligent? Passionate? Strict? Empathetic? Supportive? I’m willing to bet that these were some of they key words that came to mind when you conjured the […]

Lessons in Leadership: Lesson #1 | Flexibility

5 Ways You Can Embrace Flexibility and Become a Serving Leader In a recent blog post titled, “Old School Leadership is Out,” author of Be DIFFERENT or Be Dead, Roy Osing, shares his views and advice on the evolving leadership and management issues of today’s workplace. According to Osing, today’s managers should focus more on […]

What History Has to Say about the Drum Circle

What History Has to Say about the Drum Circle

Zach Dederick is the resident percussion expert at X8 Drums. He spent his formative years as a drumset drummer but found his calling after immersing himself in a study of West and Northwest African musical culture. The djembe drum’s rhythm, energy and presence has since hopelessly hooked him to the instrument. He now spends his […]

Workplace Toxicity: 3 Tips to Combat it!

Toxic work environments… we’ve all witnessed it, and it isn’t pretty for productivity. The deep rumblings of negativity start stirring, and before we know it, the entire office has a new tone to it that isn’t necessarily positive. Whether it stems from an employee who feels undervalued or a conflict between two coworkers with conflicting […]