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Taking the Message of “Ubuntu” to the Next Level!

On January 15th we honored Martin Luther King Jr. and everything he did to take a stand on equality in America. In reflection of this important day, we want to blog about how influential one person can be when they choose to selflessly help others and the communities around them. Drum Cafe West’s core ideal, […]

Better Together: A Day with Tri-Counties Bank

Conga line, anyone? That’s what happened when we had the pleasure of having an interactive drumming session with Tri-Counties Bank last month! This day was a perfect example of the excellence that can occur when you take a moment to celebrate and have fun with your team. We wanted to fuse the messaging of the […]

Welcome 2015: 4 Easy Ways to Increase Productivity

Happy New Year from the entire Drum Cafe West team! This is the month where we all make a resolution and vow to stick to it. A key influencer in keeping a resolution is productivity. Why? If you can stay on top of your to-do list, then you’ll have more time to embrace your resolution […]

Coming Together Full Circle with San Jose State University

As we move through a busy part of the year, remembering to acknowledge the efforts of the people around us is more important than ever. Regularly recognizing the contributions and accomplishments of your team, your colleagues, or your employees creates a ripple effect that expands far behind the recipient. When we build an environment where […]

Great Minds Think Differently

People will always be the most important asset to any organization. Think about going into an ideas meeting and everyone having the same idea. In this situation, great minds don’t think alike. Great minds think differently. It’s easy to see that diversity in the workplace is a huge advantage to any environment that embraces it. […]

What Every Leader Can Learn From the 7 Core Values of GAP Inc.

What is the true mark of a successful leader? Is it their ability to inspire their team, or ability to hold everyone accountable to their tasks? Is a successful leader one who hits their goals consistently or the one who comes up with the next big idea? At the end of the day, we can […]

Using Rhythm to Transcend Language: Drum Cafe West Heads to Japan

We’ve said before that rhythm resonates so deeply, but never before have we felt it as tremendously as we did last month in a very special event with GAP Inc in Japan. We’ve worked with GAP here in North America, leveraging the power of rhythm as a key component of their Leadership Academy, and we […]

The Most Unique Retreats: Why Personal Discovery Can Supercharge Your Career

Throughout the year, we take part in so many different types of events. We see it all—hotel ballrooms filled with hundreds of people, outdoor stages for thousands, holiday parties in the office and more. In between those large events, we get the opportunity to present for very intimate groups. These experiences always leave us inspired […]

Bridging the Gap: 4 Ways to Promote Gender Diversity in the Workplace

As a business leader, you probably spend a great deal of time brainstorming ways to enhance employee innovation, increase productivity and expand your customer base. As we’ve talked about in previous posts, one of the best solutions to boosting innovation is to implement diversity and inclusion programs in the workplace. Obtaining a staff with unique […]

3 Benefits of Offering Professional Development Opportunities to Your Employees

Sharing ideas to grow is at the core of every successful business. Without new ideas and fresh perspectives, we remain stagnant and still. This is why it is critical that we dust off the cobwebs and learn something new each and every day. We recently did an event with Microsoft’s Content Services and International team […]