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Boost Conference 2015

SAVE THE DATE: Join us April 28 – May 1 at the Palm Springs Convention Center for BOOST Conference 2015! This is the nation’s largest, most recognized and comprehensive conference for after-school and out-of-school time professionals. BOOST is committed to creating opportunities for change in educational and social service agencies that are serving our youth […]

Nurturing Relationships Across the Globe with GAP Outlet

The Drum Cafe West Coast crew witnessed a few perplexed faces as the GAP Outlet family filtered into the room. While the DCWC crew harmonized through a drum call, our Thought Leader, Natalie, greeted the newcomers with a big, friendly, “Saobona!” (in Zulu, this is roughly translated to “Hello and welcome”). At this point, everyone […]

5 Ways You Can Embrace Flexibility and Become a Serving Leader

The other day we stumbled upon a blog post titled, “Old School Leadership is Out,” where author of Be DIFFERENT or Be Dead, Roy Osing, shares his views and advice on the evolving leadership and management issues of today’s workplace. According to Osing, today’s managers should focus more on providing guidance and support, and less on […]

Why Do Companies Choose Drum Cafe West?

Why Do Companies Choose Drum Cafe West?

It seems simple — you call a team building organization to help you strengthen your team. Yet day in and day out, we hear so many unique reasons that people call us here at Drum Cafe West to come in and help their teams thrive. In just the past month alone, we’ve had our clients […]

All For One, and a Drum For All!

Braving through blizzards and cold is more than worth it when you get to work with such a dynamic group of people— this past week we jubilated and drummed with the Peoples Bank of Kankakee in snowy Illinois! It was, “All For One!” for everyone in the room as we celebrated the launch of their […]

A Lesson in Pop Culture and Diversity

Guest blog from Natalie Spiro, Owner and Event Facilitator at Drum Cafe West I finally had time to actually watch The Oscars (yes I recorded it). I’m not going to comment on who should have won what, or how glittery the dresses were (but Lupita Nyong’o should win the most-beads-on-a-dress award – gorgeous!). I do want to quickly […]

Kicking Things Up with the Heraeus Kulzer Crew

Recently we facilitated a keynote interactive event for the Heraeus Kulzer Dental Conference. Attendees arrived from all parts of the US and Canada to attend this National Sales Meeting. The Heraeus Kulzer mission was to celebrate the growth of their new product line, Venus Pearl, along with their new customer network comprised of large group […]

Creating a Synchronous Employee Experience with SONOS

For thousands of years, villages in Africa have commemorated milestone achievements by coming together for a unique celebration. Since the 2002 inception of Sonos, an innovative consumer electronics company, they’ve expanded their global reach to more than 60 countries and have established concrete relationships with thousands of retailers. We were thrilled to be part of their achievement […]

The Pursuit of Happiness (at Work)

There’s a quote out there that states, “If you like what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life.” We think the root of this statement is based off of finding purpose and happiness within your work. It’s easy to correlate the relationship between doing things that make you happy and the […]

Taking the Message of “Ubuntu” to the Next Level!

On January 15th we honored Martin Luther King Jr. and everything he did to take a stand on equality in America. In reflection of this important day, we want to blog about how influential one person can be when they choose to selflessly help others and the communities around them. Drum Cafe West’s core ideal, […]