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Authentic Leadership – what a concept!

Authentic Leadership in Corporate CultureA large portion of the programs that we present focus on is leadership.  Corporate culture as a whole is shifting.  Transparency, authenticity, and leading from the heart are replacing the old, worn out leadership model of ambiguous metrics and wordy business mumbo jumbo that lead a team to just run around creating chaos because they do not intrinsically understand what is expected of them.

“Leaders should determine the culture of their organizations – not the other way around.”  This is where drumming the metrics becomes a groundbreaking tool that enables corporate culture and leadership models to seep deep into the psyches of teams, leaders, and everyone they engage with.  Instead of buzzwords flying around like sparrows building a nest, we teach through the universal language of rhythm and harmony.

There are no glazed over looks in our audiences.  People have exhilarated smiles on their face and they are eager to engage in the program.  In the few windows of verbal communication that coincide with our experience, what we witness are nodding heads that fully comprehend their organizational objectives and how to execute their job related tasks with clarity and proficiency.

Here is a fantastic (and very candid) article I read recently that beautifully demonstrates the revolutionary trend in corporate culture towards authenticity and genuine, clear, heart-centered leadership.  Enjoy!

Authentic Leadership Means Eliminating Buzzwords and BS…


In Joy and Rhythm,

Natalie Spiro

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