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A Response to Deepak Chopra’s “How to Win Loyalty From Other People”

7 Ways Group Drumming Can Promote Loyalty Building

There’s nothing I love more than finding articles that echo the importance of what we do here at Drum Cafe West—Unite, Uplift, Inspire. In a recent article by Deepak Chopra on LinkedIn titled, “How to Win Loyalty From Other People,” there was great insight into a major issue we encounter when working with organizations of all sizes. When we talk about team building, we’re really talking about creating loyalty among the individuals within the organization. There are so many ways that our drumming workshops promote loyalty between employers and employees. In Chopra’s article, he lists seven ways to increase loyalty within your organization. Here are a few connections between his ideas and concepts we’ve subscribed to.

Chopra says, “Honor the difference between rivals and competitors. The fact that you are competing against others at work doesn’t make them your rivals. Rivalry is hostile; it implies that only one person can win. Competition raises the bar for everyone, so that the whole team can win.”

Sound familiar? Remember back to our post, Encouraging Healthy Competition Through Collaboration where we discussed the importance of competition as a way to vet ideas. It’s key to create a safe space for failure in your workplace so that competition becomes a positive way to arrive at the best outcome.

Chopra also reminds us in the article to, “Pay attention to personal details. Loyalty runs deep when a person feels cared for and understood. Be alert to these needs. Make an effort to include everyone.”

In our article, The Role of the Individual Within a Team, we discussed the importance of getting to know and understand everyone’s individual goals in order to create a successful team environment. This way each person’s contributions can not only help the team, but also benefit and align with their own personal goals.

Another thought Chopra shared that resonated with us was, “Share your success. Include your team in the praise and appreciation that comes your way. If possible, make a tangible gesture, as appropriate – throw a party, or other form of celebration, offer bonuses, present a gift as a token of recognition.”

We’ve been part of several celebratory events for businesses, as they’re essential to keeping up morale. As important as it is to address and break down the reasons projects may fail, it’s even more vital for an organization to take time to kick back and celebrate their successes. To read more on this topic, read our previous post about using team building events as celebrations!

It’s important to build a strong sense of loyalty within your organization—that’s what separates good teams from great ones.


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