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A Response to Deepak Chopra’s “A Better Way to Deal with Control Issues”

How Group Drumming Can Help You Release Your Control Issues

In the recent article titled, “A Better Way to Deal with Control Issues,” published on October 19 on LinkedIn, Deepak Chopra discussed the personal control issues we all face on a daily basis. In any situation where we find ourselves needing to trust others, whether at work or at home, it can be easy to feel insecure because we are not in complete control of the outcome. Helping teams learn to trust one another is at the core of what we strive to foster in our programs. Group drumming can support these efforts because the connection between the physical act of drumming and the emotional state reached when the group all falls into the steady rhythm is so powerful. It is inevitable that we all feel more stable and in control when our mind and body are in sync, relaxed, and ready to react if need be.

“There are frustrations, large and small, because no one at work is completely autonomous, or free to do what they really want to do,” Chopra writes. In the workplace, we all follow a set of rules that inhibits our ability to feel totally in control. Chopra goes on to discuss four major factors that affect our ability to maintain control: stress, unpredictability, negativity, and frustration.

Stress can be caused by anything in life that leaves you feeling unbalanced, anxious or uneasy. From a big promotion or a tight deadline to a stubborn client or conflict with a coworker, we’ve all experienced some level of stress in the workplace. It can have a negative impact not only on your performance, but also on your relationships with others around you. Finding an activity to relieve stress is key – by taking a walk or participating in a group drumming activity, you can elevate your mood.

Unpredictability is largely caused by a lack of clear communication. It is extremely important for employers and employees to feel comfortable clearly articulating their needs and concerns with one another. When we take time to express what we feel is important and take time to listen to others, we eliminate the guessing games played in so many organizations.  By improving communication skills through activities such as drumming, the overall tone of the organization will evolve. This will help employees to avoid reacting from a fearful space, and will make everyone feel more confident and in control.

Chopra states that negative emotions such as hostility, resentment, anxiety, and frustration can contribute to the loss of personal control. In our previous blog post, “7 Ways Group Drumming Can Promote Loyalty Building,” we discussed how to help foster trust and loyalty among the individuals in your organization. This is where understanding the personal goals of your team members is vital. Understanding and illuminating how each individual’s contributions to a project can not only help with the overall process, but will also support their personal goals and eliminate insecurities helping them to feel positive and supported.

By taking the lead and addressing control issues, you’ll be setting your team up for success. Chopra helps us understand ways in which we are able to overcome our daily frustrations and stresses. “Don’t become a slave to rigid routines and ways of thinking,” he writes. “Rigidity feels like control but turns out to be lonely, isolating, and a cause of stress for those who interact with you.” If this sounds like your team, explore a group drumming workshop—it could be just the thing to help your team break out of their routine and re-ignite their inspiration.

For more information about inspiring and engaging your organization with corporate team building and entertainment events using interactive drumming, contact Natalie to learn more about our customized programs.


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