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4 Ways Drumming Can Kickstart New Initiatives with First Security Bank

Have you ever picked up a drum and started beating a rhythm with your hands? The excitement you feel with every vibration is something you can’t control. It is innate to the human experience. Drumming excites us at our deepest core, and it allows us to step directly into the present moment. Drumming is powerful—but you already knew that.

drums FSB

The team at First Security Bank also understood that concept. That is why they asked us to come in and help them introduce their new client referral rewards program to their team at a recent event in Mississippi. This event was a huge success from the moment the team stepped into the room to the moment they walked out to celebrate with a company-wide fish fry.


  1. Drumming grounds us in the present. It’s impossible for minds to wander while beating on a drum. Drumming requires a certain level of engagement that brings us squarely to the moment we’re in. For First Security Bank’s team, they had no problem leaving their work at the door and diving right into the moment.
  2. Drumming excites us on a genetic level. It’s true! Drumming can actually change our DNA and leave us stress-free. According to Dr. Barry Bittman, “We’ve been able to show on multiple levels that by biologically and psycho sociably that we’re able to reduce stress, even on the DNA level.” By getting everyone in the room relaxed, we were able to open the doors to introducing a new concept to the First Security Bank team.
  3. Drumming opens receptivity. This is the big one. Once people are grounded and excited, leaving their everyday stresses at the door, they’re open to receiving new information in a productive way. When we’re influenced by stress and distracted by other tasks, it can be difficult to truly receive information or be open to new ideas. The team at First Security understood this concept, and it was one of the key reasons they called in for our support.
  4. Drumming is fun! Don’t underestimate the power of fun. Beyond introducing a new referral program, First Security Bank wanted to celebrate their successes at the event as well. It’s no small feat that the team there made it through the recession suffering no losses and no lay offs. Their team recognized that to increase everyone’s income, they had to make everyone accountable to their successes as a team, and they established an employee leadership initiative that taught everyone to fall in love with their work again. Employees were able to talk about the bank in a positive way in all areas of their lives, and that in turn brought in new business.

We want to know—what does your organization do to rollout new programs or initiatives? What gets your team excited?

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